Quantum World Mysteries

The Great Bohr/Einstein Debate

Our journey into the Quantum World was truly mind-bending. The Rules of the Quantum Universe go against our basic intuitions about the nature of ‘Reality’….Is it made up of solid particles in the form of Atoms or pure Energy expressed in Waveform?

The mystery only deepens when one considers that at the most basic Quantum Level, everything occurs randomly, and yet this produces a stable superstructure we call the ‘Universe’ with constant predictable Physical Laws eg Newton’s Laws of Motion.

How this is even possible triggered one of the most fierce Scientific debates between Einstein & Danish Physicist Neils Bohr. Einstein was so disturbed by the logical implications of Quantum Theory, he made it his life work to create a ‘Counter’ theory he termed ‘The Unified Field Theory’ to prove that the Universe was made up of particles that acted predictably according to Universal Laws.

Einstein failed in his bid to dislodge the basic ideas of Quantum Mechanics as argued by Bohr, and they remain a key to unlocking other deeper mysteries such as what drives the patterns and behaviour on the Quantum level which produces the Universe and its predictable Laws?

Its one thing to describe Quantum behaviour using mathematical equations, but quite another to explain what and why produces and sustains the Quantum actions, interactions and behaviour in the first place?

Today, this great mystery continues to be explored, and provides useful insights in the fields of Science and most recently, the nature of Spirituality and Consciousness which may be potentially explained using the ideas and methods of Quantum Mechanics.

The quest continues, and the more we dig deeper into this strange Quantum World, the more important truths we learn, which always challenge us to expand our understanding of both ourselves and the Universe we happen to call ‘home’.

To find out more about the Wonders of the Quantum World, the great Einstein/Bohr debate as well as Einstein’s abortive ‘Unified Field Theory’, you can check out the links below. Einstein, lost this one, but he did it with grace…Respect to Neils Bohr..We owe you one for pointing us in this brave new direction.

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