Marijuana: Legalise It?

Marijuana: Legalise It?


“It is correctly sensed as heretical and deeply disloyal to the values of male dominance and stratified hierarchy. Legalization is thus a complex issue, since it involves legitimating a social factor that might ameliorate or even modify ego-dominant values. For these reasons it is unwelcome in the modern office environment, while a drug such as coffee, which reinforces the values of industrial culture, is both welcomed and encouraged. ”(Terence Mckenna)

As we edge towards the end of the Retro-Edition, we revisit the Marijuana Legalisation debate. Early on in March this year, the South African High Court declared the Criminalisation of private Marijuana use in the confines of one’s home as UnConstitutional.

Marijuana’s Consciousness raising effect continues to be a threat to the Establishment’s ongoing Psywar against Humanity, which is re-inforced largely through Mass Media Propaganda.

For this reason, the renowned Consciousness Intellectual and Researcher (Psychonaut), Terence Mckenna referred to the Consciousness raising Anti-establishment effect Marijuana has, and why it is perhaps suppressed in these terms:

“There is also no doubt that when used occasionally in a context of ritual and culturally reinforced expectation of a transformation of consciousness…..It diminishes the power of ego, has a mitigating effect on competitiveness, causes one to question authority….”

McKenna’s research into the nature of Consciousness is groundbreaking, and to him, natural substances including DMT, Mushrooms & the South American plant Ayahuasca used by Native American Healers or ‘Shamaans’ were important gateways to Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Truth for mankind since Ancient times.

We strongly recommend that you get familiar with his work and ideas on Higher Consciousness by using ‘Nature’s Pharmacy’, so we’ve included a link to one of his seminal articles on the inherent conflict between Social Culture and Individual Freedom.

His compelling Spiritual Documentary ‘The Transcendental Object At the End Of Time’ which details his Multi-Dimensional Experiences of Reality is also on our YouTube Channel in the ‘Spiritual Quest & Consciousness’ Playlist.

One of McKenna’s most compelling insights is on how Humans evolved language out of the creativity inspired by the Mushrooms in their daily diet which unbeknown to our earlier Ancestors, had a Psychedelic effect on the evolving Human Brain leading to stimulation of Brain pathways and a rise in Consciousness that led to Language, Imagination and ultimately Civilization itself.

Ultimately, the debate rages on, but with countries like the Netherlands and now South Africa permitting possession of certain quantities for personal and medical use, its only a matter of time before a shift in attitude and official Government policy on a Global scale prevails.

As Terrence would say: “If you don’t smoke cannabis, you may spend your evening balancing your checking account. If you do smoke cannabis you may spend your evening contemplating the causes of the Greek Renaissance.”

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