McGregor Vs Mayweather & The Story Of MMA’s Modern Gladiators

The overdue Sports piece is finally here with our look at the world of Mixed Martial Arts (‘MMA’).

MMA has taken the modern Sporting world by storm, but like everything else, its been a long road.  MMA’s place in Pop-Culture has recently cemented by its acknowledgment from the Boxing world which has seen a match up between UFC Champion Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather set to go down on Saturday, August 26.

MMA Origins

The origins of MMA could be traced back to pre-recorded history, including the Roman ‘Gladiators’. Mankind has always enjoyed its ‘duels to the death’ in various shapes and forms. It can perhaps be said that MMA is probably a modern expression of the enduring Human desire to ‘see blood’.

The more pragmatic modern history of MMA should probably be traced to 1993 when the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held its first event in an octagonal cage.  In its inception, the UFC purported to try to discover the most effective forms of fighting, whether it be boxing, wrestling or some martial art.

Aside from pitting the forms of fighting against each other, the UFC originally sold its fights as an alternative to boxing as fighting without rules.  The UFC has come a long way since those early days where the sport was referred to as “human cockfighting”.

Wrong Turn

The bad reputation surely could have sunk the UFC for good.

TV Cable pay-per-view providers refused to show the events, and 36 US States banned no-holds-barred fighting.  Faced with this adversity, the UFC had to work toward legitimacy.  Rules were added, including bans on strikes to downed opponents, strikes to the neck and back of the head and groin shots.


Through this process, the UFC and modern MMA was born of its primitive past.

MMA has also progressed from its singular discipline past.  Modern MMA fighters pride themselves on being well-rounded fighters.  This includes abilities in striking like boxing, grappling like wrestlers and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The sport has also created celebrities out of some of its fighters, notably and most recently Conor Mcgregor.

Mayweather Vs McGregor: The Future of MMA

The Mayweather / McGregor Fight may reshape the future of Boxing, UFC and Sports itself. The fight represents the merger of two Sports disciplines in one fight. Speculation is rife about how far reaching it could be, and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

The fight’s positive effect on the public’s perception of MMA itself, cannot be doubted.  MMA will be well represented by McGregor. The exposure this will bring to the sport is a big positive. Even though it’s a boxing match, MMA and UFC will obviously be a major, major piece of the discussion.

This is both an important and complicated moment in combat sports history.

We’ll be tuned in on ‘Fight Night’, and hope you enjoyed our long overdue Sports entry.

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