The Monsanto Poison Papers

The Monsanto Poison Papers

Founding Of Monsanto

The founder of Monsanto was John Francis Queeny and he started Monsanto with the capital money her earned from Coca-Cola in 1901.  Since then, Monsanto went public in 1929, and became the largest producer of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). PCBs are one of the deadliest carcinogens and chemicals tlinked to anuto immune system disorder, birth defects, cancer and fatal death.

Monsanto was also involved in the creation of the first nuclear bomb in the Manhattan project, DDT and chemical weapons such as the infamous ‘Agent Orange’ that was sprayed on Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War.

Its most successful product is the Soybean Pesticide ‘Roundup’, and in 1987, Monsanto did its first test on genetically modified crops. By 1997, Monsanto bought other seed companies and was dominating the market with its new genetically modified seeds known as GMO canola, GMO cotton and GMO corn. Today, Monsanto is the world largest seed company dominating the global seed market.

Monsanto’s success has not been without controversy, and its presently facing numerous class action Lawsuits related to its PCB Chemicals and the alleged Toxicity of the ‘Round Up’ Pesticide…Its from its involvement in the Pesticide industry that the Monsanto Poison Papers emerge.

Monsanto Poison Papers & Lawsuits

Monsanto, which has been the target of high-profile public protests for decades, is currently besieged by several high-profile class action lawsuits over the carcinogenic properties of its weedkiller Roundup, which has been banned in several European countries.

Now a trove of 20,000 documents, dubbed the “Poison Papers,” gathered from regulators, lawsuits and archives by campaigners and scientists, claims that the Missouri-headquartered company openly discussed the environmental and health impact of PCBs.

Monsanto is also accused of being engaged in efforts to control the World’s food supply, as the spread of GMOs means Monsanto owns the seeds needed for future plant growth as the Intellectual Property it developed. Already Farmers cannot keep their own harvested seeds for replanting the next season because it would be a violation of Monsanto’s Intellectual Property Rights as the developer of the GMO plant from which the seed is produced.

All this allegedly fits into the UN ‘Agenda 21’ Population control plan to reduce the world population in order to deal with food and water ‘scarcity’ as the New World Order is ushered in with a population whose size is more ‘manageable’ under a One World Government.

The Monsanto Poison Papers are therefore linked to the One World Government Conspiracy.


GMOs are not only harmful to our health and the environment, but it would seem that they are also indispensable to the Globalist Agenda. Its therefore important to be aware of the extent to which the food supply has already been infiltrated by GMOs, and search for alternatives where possible, particularly when it comes to what we feed children as GMOs appear particularly harmful to them.

Meanwhile, you can check out the links below for more articles, as well as our YouTube Channel’s ‘Health & Longevity’ Playlist for Jeffrey Smith’s documentary, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives, ‘The World According To Monsanto’ and others.

You can also read the ‘Poison Papers’ which document the hidden history of chemical and pesticide hazards, visit the Institute For Responsible Technology’s website for more in-depth information on GMOs and check out more info on Agenda 21 as well.

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