Electric Universe Theory

Following the world’s recent celebration of the 5th year anniversary of the Curiosity Space Probe’s Mars mission, we figured its time to visit the Cosmos once again, as we consider one of the most interesting Cosmic Theories…….The Electric Universe Theory.

Thunderbolts of the Gods: The Electric Universe Theory

The Electric Universe theory argues that electricity plays a more important role in the Universe than is generally accepted. It explains the origin and evolution of the Universe on the basis of ‘Plasma Cosmology’, a non-standard Cosmology whose central idea is that the Magnetic dynamics of ionized gases and plasmas plays the dominant role in the Physics of the Universe, in contradiction to the current Astrophysics paradigm which emphasises the importance Gravity in the formation, development, and evolution of astronomical bodies and large-scale structures in the universe including its formulation in terms of Einstein‘s Theory of General Relativity.

The Velikovsky Effect

Immanuel Velikovsky an independent scholar best known as the author of a number of controversial books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular, the bestseller Worlds in Collision, which was first published in 1950, is an inspiration for the Electric Universe Theory because his re-interpretation of our Solar system’s History fits well with the Electric Universe Theory.

His books use comparative mythology and ancient literary sources (including the Old Testament) to argue that Earth suffered catastrophic close contacts with other planets (principally Venus and Mars) in ancient times. Velikovsky argued that Electromagnetic effects play an important role in Planetary mechanics.

He also proposed a revised chronology for ancient Egypt, Greece, Israel and other cultures of the ancient Near East. The revised chronology aimed at explaining the so-called “dark age” of the eastern Mediterranean (c. 1100–750 BC) and reconciling Biblical history with mainstream archaeology and Egyptian chronology.

In general, Velikovsky’s theories have been ignored or vigorously rejected by the academic community. Nonetheless, his books often sold well and gained enthusiastic support in spite of the fact that Cosmologists and Astrophysicists have evaluated and rejected Plasma Cosmology because it does not match current Cosmological Theory.

Nevertheless, today the ‘Thunderbolts Project’, a Hub of ‘Renegade’ Scientists and other Scholars continue their Research and Educational initiatives in order to raise awareness of the Electric Universe Theory as an alternative to the ‘Big Bang’ model.


The Electric Universe Theory represents an alternative means of conceiving the formation and evolution of the Universe. It may be not be a complete solution in itself, but in presenting an alternative conception of the Universe, it helps us along our journey to fully comprehend the Cosmos, and for this reason alone merits our consideration in my view.

Check out the links below for more on the Electric Universe Theory, Velikovsky, the Thunderbolts Project Website as well as our YouTube Channel for the documentaries ‘Thunderbolts of the Gods’ and Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds in Collision’.


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