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Since a Cinematic discussion is now due, we continue our journey into the Matrix in this week’s edition by exploring the Gnostic underpinnings of the last 2 Films in the Matrix Trilogy….The Matrix ‘Reloaded’ followed by its successor, ‘Revolutions’.

As always, we begin with a look at the News making Global Headlines, starting with the  conviction of Samsung Heir and Chief Jay Lee who was sentenced to a 5 Year Jail term, after being found guilty of Bribery by a S.Korean Court. Meanwhile in the US, its no surprise that Trump has committed more American troops to Afghanistan, with no end in sight to the War which began ostensibly to defeat Al Qaeda.

In Africa, its electoral victory for the ruling MPLA in Angola, and we sound off the News with an invitation to all aspiring African Poets to participate in the ‘Repressed Africa’ initiative by submitting their work exploring any aspect of our rich African tradition, from the nature, languages, fashion, music, and art to the repressed history (the myths, legends and real life). It would also be great to see work celebrating and exploring the Zeitgeist and diversity of contemporary Africa.

African Sketches Publishing is offering a publishing deal to the winner.

Our Film recommendation is the Matrix sequels which initially did not strike me as much as the original, but it turns out they are deeply steeped in their own equally unique and rewarding Philosophy and Gnostic mythology, something I was unaware of until recently…..Peep it.

The Matrix: Gnostic Themes

In his conversation with Neo near the end of The Matrix Reloaded, the Architect explains that he is responsible for the creation of the Matrix – does that make him God?

Probably not: his character seems closer to that played by the force of evil in Gnosticism. According to Gnostic tradition, the material world was actually created by a Demiurge (commonly identified with the God of the Old Testament or the Annunaki), not the True God of Good who is utterly transcendent and exists far beyond the created world as we understand it.

The Demiurge, in turn, leads a cast of Archons, petty rulers who are the craftsmen of our physical world.

Escape from this world of evil is only accomplished by those who obtain the inner knowledge about the true nature of this reality and the manner in which humans are imprisoned in it and controlled by sinister forces. The parallels here between Gnosticism and the Matrix films are obvious, with Keanu Reeve’s character Neo playing the role of the bearer of enlightenment who is sent to liberate humanity from the place in which the sinister machines have them imprisoned.

It should be noted that the Matrix is not a completely Gnostic Film, but much like ‘Star Wars’ it creates a new Post-modern Mythology from the concepts of the past because the Directors felt that there was something in them to make us think differently about the world around us.

Read more on the Matrix below and check out our regular News & Culture Pages for more on this Edition’s lead News stories. Since we’ve now finished the ‘Health and Longevity’ Series, we’ve included our previous article on HIV Treatment at the end of this article because it remains relevant to the overall spectrum of Health issues faced by mankind, and is felt most acutely in Africa.

Our final article from the ‘Reptilian Deception’ series in which we discussed the Archon Matrix, Anunnaki and Gnostic connection is also included in complementing our discussion of the Matrix Trilogy. We’ve also added a link to Dr Hoeller’s ‘Gnosticism & Cinema’ documentary which explores the Philosophy and Gnosticism of the Matrix Trilogy on our YouTube channel’s ‘Film’ Playlist.

I’ve also updated the Music playlist with 2 new songs, one of which deals with Global catastrophe, dystopia and escaping the Matrix. ‘In the Army Now’ ft Taku Mazire samples the 1980s Rock classic ‘In the Army Now’ by Status Quo. The second song, ‘War Cry’ is a collaboration between me and New York MC ‘Slimchance’…..Peep the audio and the Navy Seal video ‘100 dollar Bills’ on the Home Page.

Check us out on Instagram, download our App on Google Play, and submit your works to the ‘Repressed View’ initiative on the link below. As for me, let me get to watching the Matrix Trilogy once again with the knowledge of its Gnostic connection.


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