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Our Young Lord is Ghana’s Anas…A courageous investigative Journalist whose work exposes the depths of Corruption and Social Depravity that threaten Peace, Stability and the protection of the most vulnerable in Society.

Anas was born in the 1970s and He is a politically non-aligned multimedia journalist who specializes in print media and documentary, focusing on issues of human rights and anti-corruption in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

Anas has won critical acclaim for his work advocating for basic human rights  including President Barack Obama highlighting his virtues in a speech during a 2009 visit to Ghana: ” Anas has won more than 17 international awards for his investigative work. He was polled as the fifth most influential Ghanaian in 2011 by Ghana.

In March 2016, Anas was invited by Harvard Law School as a keynote speaker to share his experiences as an international undercover journalist creating change on the continent of Africa in 2016. He is consistently invited to talk on his work at gatherings all around the world. In the period from October to December 2016, Anas made his first foray into public life, outside of the world of investigative journalism, as a powerful advocate for peace in his “Anas4Peace” multimedia campaign.

Notable Investigations

 Torture on The High Seas (July 2003): Anas went undercover aboard a shipping vessel of Afko fisheries to expose the maltreatment of Ghanaian workers by a Korean employer.

Bole Rebel Raid (April 2005): An investigative story which exposed how Ivorian rebels invaded Ghanaian territories in 2005, made incursions into some northern communities, and subjected the inhabitants to constant torture and abuse.

Eurofood Scandal (13 June 2006): An investigation by Anas in which he went undercover as menial worker at Eurofood, a biscuit and confectionery factory in Ghana. Eurofood was using expired and maggot-infested flour to produce biscuits for public consumption in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Torture Chamber OF BANGKOK PRISONS (2006): An Anas undercover investigation where he travelled to Thailand to infiltrate its prisons as a Catholic Priest. He interviewed some Ghanaian and West African prisoners about the maltreatment and deaths of foreign prisoners in jail. He thereby exposed the abuse of Ghanaians and other expatriate prisoners in Thai prisons.

As a result of Anas’ work, the government of Ghana successfully negotiated (with the government of Thailand) the transfer of all convicted Ghanaians prisoners in Thailand to Ghana.

Spirit Child Filmed in Northern Ghana, where Anas exposed the barbaric sacrifices of children who were believed to bring ill luck to their families. The story led to the arrest of some fetish priests, with Anas advocating for the prosecution of such persons.[21]

Ghana judiciary scandal On 23 September 2015 Anas premiered, in four showings, in front of a record-breaking audience of more than 6500 people, at the Accra International Conference Center,  his new – and perhaps most significant to date – undercover film Ghana In The Eyes Of God. It exposed the widespread corruption within the judiciary and graphically showed court workers like clerks and bailiffs connive with a number of respected judges to influence court cases through bribes.

34 judges and magistrates were caught on a hidden camera receiving enticements of money, goats, sheep and even foodstuff. As a result, presumed robbers, murderers, drug traffickers, rapists and litigants in land cases went free.

The film effectively created a deep and destabilizing crises of conscience in Ghanaian society. A disciplinary committee of the Judicial Council was set up to probing the allegations of bribery and extortion against the thirty-four judges and magistrates. At one point it had to have suspended its sittings following a suit by 14 Circuit Court judges at the Fast Track High Court challenging the legality or otherwise of the procedure adopted by the committee to investigate the matter.

 On 7 December The Council unanimously decided to remove from office 20 out of the 21 Judges and Magistrates cited in the petition.

Anas is one of the African voices clamouring for change and risking his Life in the process. Check out more Anas documentaries from his YouTube Channel as well as his Facebook and Website Pages on the links below.


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