Hitler Revisited: Nuremberg Trials

Following the fall of Berlin, the remaining NAZI Leadership surrendered or was captured by the Allies who were then faced with two choices…Execute the NAZIs immediately or put them on Trial for a new category of International Law Crime dubbed ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

Eventually the latter option was adopted, and while this has been regarded as a noble gesture of Peace and a sign of Political maturity on the part of the victorious Allies to hold the NAZIs accountable through a credible Legal process, an alternative argument of the Nuremberg Trials as a show Political Trial has been made.

In the words David Irving, the Nuremberg Trials were not about Justice, but should rather be understood as a continuation of the War against the NAZIS by other means.

The main target of the prosecution was Hermann Göring, considered to be the most important surviving official in the Third Reich after Hitler’s death.

The Trial was riddled with improprieties of the Nuremberg which would have resulted in the cases being thrown out of most independent Courts and the defendants freed.

Defendants were charged with aggression for the German invasion of Norway. The fact was kept out of the trial that the British were about to invade Norway themselves and that the Germans, being more efficient, learned of it and managed to invade first.

Defendants were accused of using slave labor, paradoxical in view of the Soviets own practice. Moreover, while the trials were in process the Soviets were apparently gathering up able-bodied Germans to serve as slave labor to rebuild their war-torn economy.

Defendants were accused of mass executions despite the fact that the Russians, who were part of the prosecution and judgment of the defendants, had executed 15,000 or 20,000 Polish officers and buried them in a mass grave. Indeed, the Russians insisted on blaming the Germans on trial for the Katyn Forest Massacre.

Defendants were accused of aggression against Poland, and Ribbentrop was not permitted to mention in his defense the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that divided Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union, without which Germany could not have attacked Poland. The fact that the Soviets, who were sitting at Nuremberg in judgment on the Germans, had themselves invaded Poland was kept out of the proceedings.

Moreover, without the gratuitous British “guarantee” to Poland, the Polish military dictatorship would likely have agreed to return territories stripped from Germany by the Versailles Treaty and the invasion would have been avoided.

The greatest hypocrisy was the charge of aggression against Germany when the fact of the matter is that World War 2 began when the British and French declared war on Germany. Germany conquered France and drove the British from the European Continent after the British and French started the war with a declaration of war against Germany.

Historian David Irving in his book  ‘The Lies Of The Nuremberg Trials’, removes various propaganda legends from the holocaust story and reports authoritative findings that many of the concentration camp deaths were from typhus and starvation, especially in the final days of the war when food and medicine were disappearing from Germany, but nowhere in the book does he deny, indeed he reports, that vast numbers of Jews perished.

Ultimately, the Nuremberg Trials represented the Justice of the Allied Victors in which NAZIs were prosecuted for a new Crime i.e. ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, that didnt exist at the time it was allegedly committed by the NAZIs. The exclusion of the Allies’ own atrocities such as the Bombing of the German Town of Dresden in which German Civilians were firebombed renders the Nuremberg Trials a selective Prosecution.

In the end, the real crime of World War 2 was in the slaughter of the Innocents, and all the States involved in the War were equally guilty in their killing of Innocents in their pursuit of victory.

Check out the links below on the Nuremberg Trials, the Bombing of Dresden as well as our YouTube Channel’s ‘History & Politics’ Playlist for the David Irving Book Documentary ‘The Lies of The Nuremberg Trials’…Join us as we re-examine the Holocaust as the alleged evidence of NAZI guilt on which the Nuremberg Trials were based.


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