Zim Coup: Survival Tips From Hugo Chavez

As he stands looking down the cliff’s edge, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is buying time by stretching out the negotiations on his exit terms.

This move is yet another stunning sign of the Man’s Machiavellian intelligence…Its the only hand he had left to play, and he’s played it well.

The only reason this is possible is because he is already aware of the need to ‘window dress’ the acquisition of State Power in a shroud of Legitimacy…The last time he used this strategy successfully was during the 2008 Political Crisis which eventually resulted in a ‘Unity Government’ with the MDC, thereby masking Mugabe’s blatant theft of the 2008 Ballot through violence with a thin Cloak of legitimacy.

This time however, the Political landscape is completely different as he stands more isolated than ever before.

It is for this reason that its unlikely that we will see a reversal of the Zim Coup, because unlike the people of Venezuela who firmly supported their deposed Leader Hugo Chavez, Mugabe does not enjoy the same level of popular support any longer.

For Chavez refusing to resign worked, because the window of time it created allowed his supporters to mount a rescue…The Calvary is not coming to save Robert Mugabe, so his refusal to resign will not have the intended effect.

You can Peep the link to the article below on how Hugo Chavez survived a 2002 Coup attempt, as well as the Documentary ‘Inside the 2002 Chavez Coup’ from our Home Page which was recorded as events unfolded by visiting Journalists who by chance found themselves in the middle of the Coup as it happened and eventually unraveled within the halls of the Venezuelan Parliament.


Chavez 2002 Coup: https://williamblum.org/chapters/freeing-the-world-to-death/us-coup-against-hugo-chavez-of-venezuela-2002

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