Metaphysics Of Cryptocurrency

Metaphysics Of Cryptocurrency

Our final entry in the Cryptocurrency feature deals with the Spiritual implications of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain for Individuals and Humanity as a whole broadly referred to as the Metaphysics Of Cryptocurrency . We’ve already seen how the Blockchain Technology that drives Bitcoin and all Cryptocurrency represents a STRUCTURAL shift in Civilization, moving us away from Centralised Government to a more De-centralised structure that is yet to crystallise.

One thing appears certain, once formed, the new ‘Blockchain Civilization’ will be characterised by less Authoritarian Central control, and will feature greater individual Autonomy across all aspects of individual Social, Political and Economic life. A key aspect of the Metaphysics Of Cryptocurrency.
In as much as there are Metaphysical aspects to our current system of Centralised control which we have previously discussed, there will be Metaphysical aspects to living in a ‘Blockchain Society’. The Metaphysics of Cryptocurrency promise a reversal of the Metaphysics of domination that characterise our current system.
Sevan Bomar of ‘Secret Energy’ presents us with a video lecture on the subject of the Metaphysics Of Cryptocurrency.
Sevan is one of the truly innovative leaders on the internet when it comes consciousness, metaphysics, health, wellness (wholeness), sovereignty, and anything else involving maximizing our individual and collective potential as modern day humans.
In this latest lecture, he paints a historical and metaphysical picture of how modern day banking systems/institutions were conceived and how the inception of Cryptocurrencies is poised to revolutionize it all. He touches on some very insightful factors at play pertaining to currency and banking; the entire time, projecting the energy of an excitement over the new world of opportunity the evolving Cryptosphere is bringing.
In short, he points out how the introduction of Cryptocurrency will result in a Dimensional shift as Individuals and Society as a whole begin to experience a new Reality that resonates with the Frequency of Freedom…In particular, how this will fundamentally shift our perspective on certain aspects of our present concept of Reality, like ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Time’.
This will propel us closer towards Self-Knowledge, then ultimately towards Individual and Collective Self-Actualisation…Cryptocurrency therefore also represents a Spiritual step in Mankind’s journey, and an evolution of our Collective Consciousness.
You can view Sevan’s lecture from the link to our YouTube Channel’s ‘Freedom Ave’ Playlist below…For more groundbreaking Consciousness insights from Mr Bomar, you can visit the ‘Secret Energy’ Portal on our Affiliates Link at the bottom of our Home Page.
Hope you enjoyed the Cryptocurrency Feature, and that its assisted you in gaining more understanding of the changes at the doorstep of the modern world. Monumental changes across the entire spectrum of Human existence, and which have only just begun with the growing acceptance of Bitcoin, and the emerging Crypto-Economy.

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