Wala Dala: A Cryptocurrency Platform For Africa



Based on previous articles, it should be fairly clear that we are in favour of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain Technology that enables it. In case you need a reminder, check out the links below:

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The WALA Financial Platform is a Mobile Platform that leverages two separate Technologies in order to provide efficient, accessible, and cost-effective Financial Services to people in the developing world whose choices of Financial Services are generally limited, or virtually non-existent.

It uses Blockchain based solutions to bridge the gap that currently exists between the current Banking system and 3.5 billion people across multiple developing nations.

As we have shown previously, Distributed Ledgers and Cryptocurrencies represent the future, providing an effective solution to the inflation problem posed by today’s Fiat (Paper) Money system in which Central Banks are free to Print Money in the name of ‘Monetary Policy’ at the cost of diluting the value of all the other Paper Money already in circulation.

The Inflation problem is systemic and incurable, as the World plays an ever more elaborate game of Financial ‘Musical Chairs’ in a desperate bid to avoid the inevitable crash of the Monetary system.



The WALA Platform enables you to transact in both the Crypto and Fiat Money world simultaneously and securely on your Mobile Phone.

An accessible solution for a Society in transition moving towards the complete obliteration of Fiat Currency. and you can be part of this Epoch-defining transition from within Africa.

Currently the Wala Platform has over 1 million Users Worldwide, and growing Partnerships with Financial Institutions for your convenience.

Visit and try out the WALA Platform via the WALA Website @ https://getwala.com/


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