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 Face on Mars surface: Cydonia Region

The Colonizing Mars Feature would not be complete without considering the possibility of a hostile Alien presence in Space. It would be naive to adopt an entirely optimistic view, and such an approach would in effect turn Space Exploration into a new kind of Religion.

Ridley Scott’s  ‘Alien’ franchise explores the rude awakening we may be in for as we traverse the depths of Space only to discover that we are not the centre of the Universe as other Life forms prove extremely hostile contrary to our naive expectations.

Sylvia Engdahl also points out that Historians such as Roger Launis in his essay “Escaping Earth: Human Spaceflight as Religion”  have observed that enthusiasm for Space can be viewed as a Religion.

Indeed “Like those espousing the immortality of the human soul among the world’s great religions… statements of humanity’s salvation through spaceflight are fundamentally statements of faith predicated on no knowledge whatsoever.”

It’s true that we have no assurance that the colonization of space will ensure the long-term survival of humankind. “Absent the discovery of an Earthlike habitable exoplanet to which humanity might migrate,” Launius continues, “this salvation ideology seems problematic, a statement of faith rather than knowledge or reason.” And the accessibility of such an exoplanet is questionable, since by current knowledge it will not be possible to cross interstellar space rapidly enough to achieve much migration.

It is indeed faith that underlies the conviction that traveling beyond our home world will prevent the extinction of the human race. Nevertheless, we should not forget that faith in the future, whether a personal future or that of one’s successors, has always been what inspires human action, and is ultimately the foundation of our Civilization.

Despite the fact that our Faith in the possibilities of Space Travel should be applauded, we should not be simplistic and naive about the prospects of a hostile Alien presence in Space. This aspect appears to be missing from the discussion and Ridley Scott has gone to great pains to remind us in his graphic depictions of the high strangeness of Alien encounters in his Films.

In addition, our own record of Alien interactions on Earth through phenomenon such as Alien abductions demonstrates that caution is necessary. Alien abductions reveal harrowing details of the indifferent, callous and inhumane treatment experienced by Abductees at the hands of their Alien captors.


All things considered, Space exploration is a necessary Human endeavour.

Nevertheless, we must guard against the evolution of a new Space based Religion which blinds us from the real hazards involved, in particular, the issue of a hostile Alien presence in the Universe that will not necessarily welcome us with open arms.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Films depict the rude, harrowing awakening of an Inter-Stellar Human Civilization and Richard Dolan’s book ‘UFOS & The National Security State’ is highly recommended in helping us to understand the lessons that can be learnt from our interactions with Aliens on Earth so far through the lens of Alien abductions.

Already anomalies such as the Humanoid face structure and Pyramids on Mars hint at a possible Martian Alien presence, and there is no way of telling whether a friendly or hostile encounter awaits once we land on Mars.

You can check out the Documentary ‘UFOs, Aliens & The Question Of Contact’ which discusses the question of Aliens as a hostile presence that must be taken seriously via our You Tube Channel. The ‘Omega Conspiracy’ which is also on our YouTube Channel’s ‘Space & Universe” Playlist sheds more light on the relevant issues.

Lastly, we’ve  included a link to an article listing anomalies observed on Mars which are yet to be accounted for…Enjoy.


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