Troodon Dinosaur

Troodon Dinosaur




Dinosauroid: The Evolution Of Dinosaur Intelligence

Dale Russell, discoverer of Stenonychosaurus (now called Troodon), then of the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, Canada, has postulated that late Cretaceous dinosaurs were well on the way to becoming intellectual animals, and would have succeeded if the dinosaurs had not suffered extinction.

He believes that Stenonychosaurs were the “chief predators on Cretaceous mammals” and that there must have been quite a lot of them because, by the end of the Cretaceous, there were a lot of mammals, though they were small. These dinosaurs were obviously outwitting mammals, if Russell is right, and he thought evolution would have led them to have become intelligent Dinosaurs—Dinosauroids.

Troodon & Signs Of Dinosaur Intelligence

Russell’s starting point was a fast, 60 kg, two legged predator called Troodon (Troodon formosus), which lived about 75 million years ago in Canada. The first Troodon skull showed that its brain, relative to its body size, was large for a dinosaur. Russell calculated that Troodon had an EQ that was nearly six times larger than the average of known dinosaurs, though small compared to modern humans.

He extrapolated the figures to show that, if Troodon had survived and retained the same body size, its modern day descendants could have a brain volume of 1,100 cm3—comparable to that of some modern humans. Moreover, the placement of Troodon’s large eyes suggested it had binocular vision, and the outer two of its three fingers also appear to be opposable.

Russell decided that evolving a big brain would have reshaped the original dinosaur, and it is this reshaping that made it humanoid, and thus a dinosauroid.

Russell’s theory is not universally accepted but in new research published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the prospect of Alien dinosaur life is explored by Ronald Breslow i.e. the (“Dinolians”)

Breslow concludes that such life forms could well be advanced versions of dinosaurs, speculating that “We would be better off not meeting them” because their advanced Technology coupled with their emotionless, but advanced and efficient Reptilian Intelligence means our Civilization would be very Primitive, and its conquest almost effortless to them.


The hidden History of Dinosaurs means that there is a possibility that an Intelligent and highly advanced Space-Faring Reptilian Race has existed both on Earth and in Space for much longer than Human beings…We are yet to fully recover and comprehend the History of our interaction with these Reptilian entities, and it would seem the reminders of their presence continues to echo in our collective memory.


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