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TV Shows have become quite inventive over the past few years, with some such as ‘The Wire’ attaining a Cinematic feel and quality. Although not every show will be groundbreaking, its worth it to regularly catch up on new TV shows.

While we’re in the land of Film & TV, we’ll spend some time with one of its greatest Icons, Alfred Hitchcock, widely regarded as the creator of the modern Suspense and Horror Film.


Early Life

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899, in Leytonstone in the East End of London. He learned draftsmanship at the London County Council School of Engineering and Navigation in Poplar from 1913 to 1915.

After graduating, Hitchcock got his first job in 1915 as an estimator for W.T. Henley Telegraph Company, a manufacturer of electric cable. Bored by his job, he regularly attended the cinema by himself in the evenings, read the cinema trade papers, and took drawing classes at London University.

British Film Career

In 1919, Hitchcock saw an ad in one of the cinema trade papers that a Hollywood company named Famous Players-Lasky (which later became Paramount) was building a studio in Islington, a neighborhood in Greater London.

Hitchcock was initially employed as a Title Draftsman and within a few months, the studio offered 20-year-old Hitchcock a full-time job. Hitchcock accepted the position and left his steady job at Henley to enter the unsteady world of filmmaking.

His first Film ‘The Lodger’  was not released for 2 years by the Distributor. It became a huge hit with the public after it was released only because the Distributor was running out of Films in stock to show at its Theatres…A Legend was born.

Having made several box-office flops in the early 1930s, Hitchcock then made The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934). The film was a British and American success, as were his next five films: The 39 Steps (1935), Secret Agent (1936), Sabotage (1936), Young and Innocent (1937), and The Lady Vanishes (1938).

The latter won the New York Critics’ Award for Best Film of 1938.

Hitchcock then caught the attention of David O. Selznick, an American film producer and owner of Selznick Studios in Hollywood. In 1939, Hitchcock, the number one British director at the time, accepted a contract from Selznick and moved his family to Hollywood.

Hollywood Hitchcock

Hitchcock made a string of successful Hollywood films that were filled with memorable scenes…It was to be his 1963 Magnum Opus ‘Psycho’ whose infamous Shower Stabbing scene has seen it widely recognised as marking the transition to the modern Thriller/Horror genre.

The conventions employed by Hitchcock for Psycho have been imitated countless times in countless Films that define the modern genre Thriller/Horror genre today.


TV Show, Accolades & Legacy

In 1955, Hitchcock started Shamley Productions, named after his country home back in England, and produced Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which turned into the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. This successful TV show aired from 1955 to 1965.

Despite being nominated five times for Best Director, Hitchcock never won the Oscar.

In 1980, Queen Elizabeth II knighted Hitchcock. Three months later Sir Alfred Hitchcock died of kidney failure at the age of 80 in his home in Bel Air. His remains were cremated and scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

Hitchcock’s impact on Cinema remains enduring, and we’ve included 2 Hitchcock documentaries in our YouTube Channel’s ‘Music. Sport & Culture’ Playlist. The original 1963 version of Psycho can be viewed from our ‘Film’ Playlist.

We now turn our attention to our suggested TV Shows.

Start-Up: Cryptocurrency Grind


In ‘Start-Up’, College Graduates, Programmers and Gangsters, come together in an unlikely alliance to develop a new Cryptocurrency based business.

The background story is relevant in today’s ‘Bitcoin’ universe, but its in the capturing of the brutal and unforgiving Entreprenuer’s journey that ‘Start Up’ excels. In the end, you may have to build unexpected alliances if you want your new venture to get off the ground.

OCTB: Hong Kong Underworld


Foreign language movies are often well executed, and the show ‘OCTB’ suggests that the same goes for TV Shows.

Based on the Investigations of Hong Kong’s underworld by a special Investigative Unit dubbed ‘OCTB’, the show plants you firmly into an intriguing new underworld, as OCTB clashes with Organised Crime  in Hong Kong.

A gateway like no other into the Hong Kong Underworld.

Altered Carbon: Transhumanist Dystopia

Altered Carbon

Last but not least is ‘Altered Carbon’ set in a Transhumanist World in which Eternal life is now possible by storing and then transporting Consciousness into different bodies or ‘sleeves’.

Eternal Life is however only affordable to the Rich, and a Caste-System is now in place as the poor Humans against this Order attempt to overthrow the Elite Government in order to restore the natural equlibrium brought about by life and death.

The Dystopian effects of Transhumanism and  Artificial Intelligence are on full display, revealing a Society that Technology has made even more divided and unequal.

Check out the full Hitchcock Documentaries and Films on our YouTube Channel as well as the links below for his complete Biography and the enduring legacy of the movie ‘Psycho’.


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