Tupac: Life of an Outlaw

Tupac Shakur: Life Of An Outlaw

Our ‘Pac Legacy piece is a Fan favourite, and so we share an updated version including a link to our Review of the Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ and Vlad TV’s recent Interview with ‘Pac rape accuser Ayana Jackson, whose accusations saw ‘Pac charged and convicted for sexual assualt back in ’94.

20 years on, one of the most tragic aspects of Tupac’s death is how unnecessary it was. When you think about it, ‘Pac was a multi-platinum musician and movie star who was on the Hollywood ‘A-List’ like any other famous Actor, Actress or Musician of his time. He even dated Madonna and modelled for Versace at one point, so he was definitely a member of the Glitterati.

Its therefore quite shocking that despite all his accomplishments and status, he died like a common criminal, courtesy of a revenge attack drive-by shooting by the LA based Gang, the Southside Crips. The drive-by itself was payback for a beatdown handed down to Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson, a member of the Southside Crips at the MGM Grand Hotel by a Death Row Records posse which included Tupac. In-fact ‘Pac took part in and actually instigated the fight that led to the shooting that night.

The vicious Death Row attack on Orlando Anderson at the MGM Grand was trivial in its origin. The conflict emanated from an earlier incident at the Lakewood Mall in LA, when Orlando Anderson snatched a Death Row Records Chain from one of Suge Knight’s Blood Gang affiliates. Suge’s friend spotted Orlando Anderson in the MGM Hotel lobby that night and whispered into ‘Pac’s ear. In a few seconds Orlando Anderson was served a severe beatdown by the Death Row Records camp. The entire incident was captured on CCTV which led to Prison time for Suge Knight.

Within a few hours of the beating Tupac was shot on the Las Vegas strip when the BMW he was being driven in by Suge was sprayed with bullets. ‘Pac took 3 bullets with the one that hit him in the lung eventually taking his life.

Officially, the murder remains unsolved but the streets have always known. Clues have been dropped, for instance on the song ‘Start from Scratch’ off The Game’s debut album ‘The Documentary’, The Game drops a line confirming that Orlando Anderson shot ‘Pac when he spits :‘I would have told Pac not to stomp Orlando’.

Now with Orlando Anderson himself dying a few years after Tupac, it would seem the murder would never be solved…….Enter the Confession of Keffe D, a member of Orlando Anderson’ Southside Crip set who was present in the car that fired the shots at Suge’s BMW in which ‘Pac was a passenger.

In the recorded confession, he confirms that Orlando Anderson did in-fact shoot Tupac. He takes us into the events of that night from the MGM Grand fight right through to the shooting.

Sadly, such a ‘common’ death did not seem fitting for someone as legendary and successful as Tupac, but I believe it was important in sending a clear message about the difference between the Streets and the Studio. In-fact, Mc Eiht one of Tupac’s closest West Coast contemporaries did a Vlad TV Interview describing Tupac’s Gang affiliation with Bloods due to his involvement with Deathrow Records as ill-advised and beyond his depth.

We’ve posted the link to Keffe D’s Audio Confession, the MC Eiht & Ayanna Jackson Vlad TV Interviews in our YouTube Channel’s ‘Music, Sports & Culture’ Playlist. Nick Broomfield’s documentary ‘Biggie & Tupac’, and the raw CCTV Footage from the MGM Grand Casinon capturing the Death Row beatdown on Orlando Anderson that led to Tupac’s murder a few hours later are also available on the same Playlist.

Ultimately, there will always be disagreement and controversy over ‘Pac’s death, and all we can do is go through the evidence and draw our own conclusions.


Despite the luke warm reception to the Tupac Biopic, it is nevertheless a necessary element in completing the legend. I personally enjoyed it as a dramatic portrayal of Tupac’s life and I’m glad the Film was eventually made.
Ultimately Pac’s Legend continues to grow, and we remain grateful for the time he spent with us on Earth…R.I.P. Souljah.

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