Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt 1

Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt 1

This month, we unveil the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

Origins Of The Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt: The Land of Enki

The Egyptian Civilization was founded after the great deluge, more commonly known by its Biblical reference as ‘Noah’s Flood’ around 12 000 BC, and prior to the creation of Human-King dynasties, God-Kings reigned in Egypt.

These beings were the same Anunnaki of the Ancient Sumerian texts, but with different names. For example, Ptah of Egyptian fame is the Sumerian Enki, Isis the same as Inanna, and Ra, the same as Marduk…This is key to understanding the Sumerian Origins Of Ancient Egypt and Kemet.

But Egypt was distinct from Sumer despite the Sumerian Origins Of Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

In Egypt, Ptah/Enki was the Ruling Anunnaki King, while in Sumer, it was his half-brother Enlil.

Beginning circa 18,420 B.C.E., Ptah became the first king of Egypt and was known as the “Creator God, “A very great God who came forth in the earliest times.” Egyptians believed he had came aboard a boat atop the Flood water, undertaking great land reclamation works by draining the Flood Waters and Dyking — thus explaining Egypt’s nickname, “The Raised Land”.

Ptah/Enki was a “God of Heaven and Earth”, and considered a great Engineer. For roughly a thousand years after the Great Flood/Deluge Ptah was largely involved in land drainage and reclamation works…As a Sumerian Deity, Enki’s founding of the Egyptian Civilization underscores the Origins Of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.


Ptah’s Successors: Osiris & Seth Rivalry

The same issues that plagued the Anunnaki Gods in Sumer and their Home Planet Nibiru also haunted the Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt as the Pyramid War rivalry between Set, Horus and Osiris would show.

Ptah’s Son Ra succeeded him as God-King circa 9 420 BCE.

It was a reign of roughly a 1000 years — except that no one called it a “reign”, with the Deluge having recently wiped out most of the population.

Ra had two Sons and potential successors, Osiris and Seth. In an effort to stem any rivalry between them, Ra divided Egypt into two separate Kingdoms each ruled separately by Seth and Osiris.


However, this was ultimately not enough as a fierce rivalry arose leading to Osiris’ murder, and the Birth of his successor, Horus by his Wife Isis a function of Ancient Anunnaki Bloodline succession Rules which regulated the affairs of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

Roots Of Rivalry: Sumerian Origins Of Ancient Egypt Bloodline Succession Rules

Rooted in the Ancient Anunnaki Rules of Succession brought from their Home Planet Nibiru, the war caused by the rivalry between Seth and Osiris would be the first war in history in which Humans were recruited to fight in an Army…Thus humans learnt the art of warfare from the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

The Anunnaki Succession Rules and the division of Egypt into two Kingdoms led to a highly charged competition between Seth and Osiris to ensure that their Son would be the next legitimate successor of the whole of Egypt.

According to the Anunnaki succession Rules, the next King of Egypt had to be a Son with the purest Anunnaki Blood. This meant that such a Son had to be born by Osiris and Seth’s Half-Sisters because a Son born from a Sister with whom both Parents were identical would not qualify.

For Seth this meant he could only father a Son by his only half-sister Isis, whereas Osiris could achieve his aim by fathering a son by either Isis or Nephtys (both being half-sisters to him). Seth and Nephtys had identical parents, and thus this union would afford no advantage to Seth. Osiris, on the other hand, could utilize either Isis and/or Nephtys to stake his claim.

Osiris then proceeded to deliberately block Seth’s chances to have his descendants rule over Kemet by Osiris taking Isis as his spouse. Seth then married Nepthys; but as she was his full sister, none of their offspring could qualify. In this manner the stage was set for Seth’s increasingly violent rage against Osiris, who had deprived him both of the throne (of the combined Upper and Lower Egypt) and of the succession of his Son.

Shortly thereafter, the feud between Seth and Osiris exploded into violent conflict as the 1st Pyramid War exploded…In Part 2 the saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt continues with the Birth of Horus and the outbreak of the Pyramid Wars.

As always, when it comes to Ancient Astronauts and the Anunnaki Alien Civilization, we always recommend that you familiarise yourself with Zechariah Sitchin’s books and research which believe to be correct if you have not done so already.

The video below from the Ancient Astronaut Archive explores the Sumerian Origins Of Ancient Egypt.


You can also visit our Pinterest Page’s Annunaki Chronicles Board for some great visuals depicting the realms of the Anunnaki.

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