Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt 2

Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt 2

In Part 2 of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt, we look at the birth and rise of Horus in the first (1st) Pyramid War.

We ended Part 1 as the conflict between Set and Osiris over the Egyptian succession turned violent.

The Death Of Osiris

Before the birth and rise of Horus in the first (1st) Pyramid War, the saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt had been put in motion by Set who schemed to kill his Father Osiris and made the first move in this ‘Game Of Thrones’ when he hosted a Party for the Gods, making grandiose drunken wagers one of which included challenging the Gods in attendance to lay in a coffin to see who amongst them would fit in it.

Isis& Osiris

Eventually it was Osiris’ turn whereupon Set tricked Osiris by having the coffin quickly sealed with Osiris trapped inside, and then dumped the coffin into the Sea at a point where the Nile flows into the Mediterranean (at Tanis).

This seemed to complete Set’s plan but it would not be enough to prevent the rise of Horus in the first (1st) Pyramid War.

Set had not accounted for Isis, who promptly went searching for her boxed lover. She found the chest near Lebanon, but before she could figure out how to resurrect Osiris, Set found out that she had the chest, seized it, and cut up the body of Osiris into fourteen pieces, which he scattered all over Egypt.

Birth & Rise Of Horus In The first (1st) Pyramid War

Isis persisted in her search and found all of Osiris’ parts… except for his Phallus (Penis). Isis was not to be denied, however, and she managed to extract from the body of Osiris its “essence”, and thereafter injected herself with his seed.

This led to her conceiving and eventually giving birth to Horus.

According to Zechariah Sitchin, what is meant here is that Isis extracted Osiris’ DNA using Anunnaki Genetics Technology, and had it combined with hers in order to give Birth to Horus…An Immaculate conception.

Horus was in danger as Osiris’ successor and Set’s contender for the Throne, and for this reason, Isis hid the Baby Horus in a Reed Basket in the Nile delta far from the eyes of Set.

Meanwhile, with Osiris having apparently died without an heir, Set promptly initiated the next step in his master plan and kidnapped Isis. This part of the plan was to enable Set to father a legitimate heir via his mating with Isis.

Set then held her until she consented.

Unfortunately for Set, Isis’ Father and Enki’s other Son, Thoth came and helped Isis escape. However, when she returned to the swamps where Horus was hidden, she found him dying from a scorpion’s sting.

Once again Thoth a Scientist schooled in all the Anunnaki Sciences including Genetics by his Father Enki, came to Isis’ aid and revived Horus which eventually led to a confrontation for the Throne between the Sumerian Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

Sitchin’s Book VI of ‘The Earth Chronicles: The Cosmic Code‘ elaborates on the ‘Resurrection’ of Horus as a Scientific accomplishment achieved through the use of established Anunnaki Bio-Medical DNA Radiation Regeneration Techniques based on Enki and Thoth’s knowledge of the Human and Anunnaki Genomes gained after years of research in the Anunnaki Base Station laboratories. Such Scientific explanations account for the miraculous nature of the events coming out of the activities of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.


Claiming The Throne: Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt In Confrontation

Educated and trained in Martial Arts by the Gods who sided with Osiris, Horus was groomed as a Divine Prince worthy of celestial association, and eventually appeared before the Council of the Sumerian Gods to claim the Throne of Osiris.

Set, of course, was not about to admit defeat, and after open War over the Skies of Egypt, Horus defeated Set in Battle, and in the process cut off his testicles.

The Kingship of Egypt was thus handed to Horus.

Set was awarded a dominion away from Egypt, and henceforth, was deemed by the Egyptians to have become an Asiatic deity.


The Kingship of Horus in the first (1st) Pyramid War was thus fought and confirmed with the defeat of Set as the first major concluding episode in the saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

The Dynasties: Gods, Demi-Gods & Pharaohs

Some scholars have noted that the Seven Gods — from Ptah to Ra to Horus — reigned a total of 12,300 years.

Horus took over the reigns of kingship circa 6420 B.C.E., and held sway for 300 years. He was followed by twelve divine Rulers (gods), including Thoth and Maat, who ruled for a total of 1,570 years. They were followed in turn by thirty eight demi-gods, who ruled for some 3,650 years, beginning circa 4550 B.C.E.

Circa 2550 B.C.E., a human Pharoah, Mena (Menes), reunited Upper and Lower Egypt and established his capital at Memphis. He was followed by 8 or 9 other Kings, all of whom collectively formed the 1st dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

With Menes began the Human Kings or ‘Pharaohs’ of Ancient Egypt who replaced the Ancient Anunnaki Gods as Rulers.


As always, when it comes to Ancient Astronauts and the Anunnaki Alien Civilization, we always recommend that you familiarise yourself with Zechariah Sitchin’s books and research.

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