Marduk, Sumerian Anunnaki Gods & The Tower Of Babel

Marduk, Sumerian Anunnaki Gods & The Tower Of Babel

In this edition we explore the ancient account of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel which also appears in the Hebrew Bible and forms part of the History of Religion according to Zechariah Sitchin.


Our last entry on the God-Kings of Ancient Egypt ended with the ascendancy of Horus to the Throne…This would not be the end of the matter however as the continuing grudges and feuding amonsgt the power hungry Anunnaki would erupt into the 2nd Pyramid War in which attempts would be made to build a new Spaceport culminating in a saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel known as the 2nd Pyramid War in which Marduk’s attempts to construct his own independent Spaceport Facility so he could independently contact the Anunnaki Home Planet Nibiru was thwarted by Enlil.

The saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel would eventually end in Nuclear destruction of the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport, the Biblical Cities Of Sodom and Gomorrah and ultimately, the Sumerian Civilization itself.

Background To The Pyramid War: Marduk, Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel

Before the Pyramid War saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel began, around 8 670 BC DU.MUZI, the youngest son of EN.KI fell in love with INANNA,  granddaughter of EN.LIL.

EN.KI gave DU.MUZI and INANNA a large region north of the Abzu (Africa) in which to reside and rule over following their betrothal. However, MAR.DUK, DU.MUZI’s older brother was jealous of DU.MUZI and INANNA, so he hatched a Plot to disrupt the marriage and prevent them from obtaining Rule over the dominion given to them by ENKI.


The Plot ended with DU.MUZI’s death by drowning, and INANNA demanded that EN.KI should punish MAR.DUK for his role in the death of DU.MUZI.

EN.KI replied that although MAR.DUK might have initiated the events which drove DU.MUZI to his eventual accidental death, he could not be held responsible for the drowning.

INANNA then went to her own Enlilite Clan parents, and pleaded for them to enact revenge on MAR.DUK. EN.LIL sent a message to EN.KI demanding MAR.DUK’s surrender to the family of INANNA, to which EN.KI refused.

And so another War erupted between the families of EN.LIL and EN.KI.​..This War would be the catalyst for the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel Pyramid War.

War, Marduk’s Exile & Establishment Of Kingship Regions

Throughout the lands inhabited by the Annunnaki, the Marduk Pyramid War saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel caused much destruction, and many innocent Anunnaki and earthlings were killed.

Eventually MARDUK was captured by INANNA, and a death sentence was executed by locking Marduk inside the Great GIZA Pyramid where he would starve to death.​..It was not to be however, and MARDUK was eventually Pardoned and released whereupon he was exiled to South America.

ANU, King of the Anunnaki then advised the rest of the Anunnaki that it had become apparent to him that it was the will of the Creator of All that the Earthlings, not the Anunnaki, were destined to inherit the Earth.

Therefore, ANU declared, it was the Anunnaki’s duty to establish kingship on Earth to be granted to a chosen Earthling, and to teach the Earthlings certain knowledge of science and religion.

To begin with, the Earth would be divided into four regions in which the Earthlings’ own unique form of civilization could, through the nurturing guidance of the Anunnaki, grow and blossom.

This Civilization was based on certain Templates or ‘MEs’ held in custodianship by Enki and Enlil, containing the Rules of Time as well as Building instructions amongst other things.

It was the ‘secret knowledge’ of these ‘MEs or Templates’ that would later become the preserve of the Priesthood as Mediators between the Anunnaki and Mankind following the establishment of Kingship on Earth.

  • The First Region was to encompass the lands where the Edin had existed before the Deluge (i.e. the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers – later known by the names of Shumer and Mesopotamia). EN.LIL and his sons were appointed to shepherd the Earthlings there. The First Region was also known by the name of Ki-Engi (i.e. the Land of the Lofty Watchers).
  • The Second Region was to encompass the Land of the Two Narrows (i.e. the Nile Valley – later known by the names of Egypt and Nubia). EN.KI and his sons were to shepherd the Earthlings there.
  • The Third Region was to encompass the lands to the east of the First Region (i.e. the Indus Valley). INANNA was to shepherd the Earthlings there.
  • The Fourth Region was to encompass the lands on the peninsula known as the Place of the Chariots (i.e. the region which would later receive the name of the Sinai Peninsula). This Fourth Region would be reserved for the Anunnaki.
There was an attempt to prevent the breakout of total War and prevent the Pyramid War saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel as ANU and his spouse, ANTU then visited Earth in order to confirm the split of the Earth realm into the 4 Kingdoms, and when they reached South America, they came across MARDUK who had been banished there.
There they found him living alone with his son, NABU.
ANU took pity on MAR.DUK, and released him subject to the condition that he had to respect the allotment of realms to the Anunnaki as declared by Anu.

When told of the terms of his release, however, MAR.DUK became enraged. But ultimately, he accepted his fate, and he made his way from the lands inhabited by the Anunnaki and the earthlings.

The Enlilship (i.e. kingship) over the lands of the Nile valley was transferred to NIN.URTA. Following ANU’s visit to Earth, the Anunnaki decreed that henceforth, the passage of time should be measured not in Shars, as on Nibiru, but in Earth orbit years.

The concept of the calendar was established, and appeared first at Nippur. This calendar is still in use today as the Hebrew Calendar.

As we shall see later, the Anunnaki concept of ‘Time’ according to the new Calendar at Nippur would have later ramifications leading eventually lead to the outbreak of War and rise of Marduk eventually igniting the saga of Marduk and The Tower of Babel in the 2nd Pyramid War.

In the meantime, the Anunnaki began to teach the Earthlings the arts of science, mathematics and religion as ANU had decreed. The Earthlings bestowed the name of Lofty Lords on the Anunnaki, and the habitations of those Lofty Lords were given the name Temples.

The city of Kishi was the first to be established specifically for the Earthlings.

The name Kishi meant Scepter City. It was there that NIN.URTA, with the ME of kingship which he had received from EN.KI, bestowed kingship on the Earthlings and appointed the first human king.

INANNA schemed to steal the MEs/Templates of civilization and kingship from EN.KI, so that she might bestow kingship on the Earthlings of her own Region. She traveled to EN.KI’s abode, and getting him drunk, she by stealth obtained the ninety-four MEs/Templates needed to establish civilization and kingship.

When he discovered what had happened, EN.KI called on EN.LIL to demand the return of the Templates. INANNA declared that EN.KI had willingly gave her the Templates, and it was EN.LIL’s decision that her claim was valid.

This development enraged MAR.DUK, because INANNA’s actions deprived his Father’s Second Region of the Kingship it should have rightly possessed after the expiry of the First Region’s term of Kingship under Enlil…The stage was set for the Pyramid War saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel.

In retaliation, MAR.DUK and his son, NABU, summoned the Igigi and their Earthling offspring from all regions of the planet to come to the Edin for the purpose of establishing a sacred city from which MAR.DUK would rule.

He named the city Bab-Ili (i.e. Babylon, the Gateway of the Gods). He engaged his followers in the construction of a tower high enough that he might ’reach the heavens’, or rather be able to communicate directly with Nibiru….Marduk’s need for an independent Space facility was therefore the cause of the Pyramid War saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel.​


EN.LIL endeavored to halt MAR.DUK, and so he caused the Earthlings’ language to be confounded that they would not be able to understand one another. This occurred in the 310th year since the accounting in Earth years had begun (i.e. 3,450).

In the end Marduk did not succeed in building his Tower at Babel, but the Sumerian account reveals it as part of the ongoing Anunnaki Pyramid Wars.

Since then, the Marduk, the Pyramid War saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and The Tower Of Babel has become legend.

Ra & Egyptian Civilization

According to a correlation between the Egyptian traditions and those of ancient Sumer, when MAR.DUK laid claim to the shepherdship of the Second Region, the ’Land of the Two Narrows’ as the Nile Valley was known, he changed his name to RA (i.e. the Bright One). His father, EN.KI, was revered as PTAH (i.e. the Developer). The Anunnaki came to be known in the Second Region by the name of the Neteru, or Guardian Watchers.

Thus following the events of the saga of Marduk and The Tower of Babel, Marduk sought to create a new Kingdom in Egypt.

RA / MAR.DUK combined the two ’kingdoms’, which existed along the Nile at that time, into a single kingdom and appointed MENA, an offspring of the Neteru and an Earthling, as its first king. This king Mena, or Menes, being partly descended from the Anunnaki / Neteru, and having their blood flowing in his veins, therefore took the name of Pharaoh, which means ’god-king.’

RA built for Menes a ’scepter city, to surpass Kishi in beauty. It was named Mena-Nefer (i.e. Mena’s Beauty).

To benefit his son’s fledgling domain, EN.KI / PTAH gave to MAR.DUK / RA the Templates by which he might teach civilization to the Earthlings of the Second Region. All of the Templates except that which informed of eternal life, were given to RA; for this reason, the civilization which grew up along the Nile Valley became very rich in knowledge of the arts of science and religion.​

Thus the Saga of Marduk and the Tower of Babel resulted in Ra establishing a kingdom in Egypt.

RA Plans World Domination

MAR.DUK / RA, however remained envious of the growth of culture and civilization in Sumer, but unwilling to share rule with any other Anunnaki or Earthling, he declared that he and he alone should serve as the lord of the Second Region.

Then around 2000 BC MAR.DUK / RA expressed his desire to rule the entire Earth to his father, EN.KI. His Father was naturally supportive as this fed into the ongoing Ancient feud between Enki and Enlil.

In the final analysis, the 2nd Pyramid War provides a full context for understanding the Tower of Babel story in the Bible…The Tower of Babel represented a serious attempt by Marduk to usurp Power on Earth…Enlil by thwarting Marduk’s efforts at Babel only managed to postpone the inevitable…This appears to be the complete story of the Tower of Babel.

These events would lead to the Anunnaki Nuclear War, the rise of Babylon under Marduk, and the destruction of the Sumerian Civilization.


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