Sumerian Great Deluge (Noah’s Flood)

Sumerian Great Deluge (Noah’s Flood)

An account of The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) can be found in the Ancient Anunnaki Records of Sumeria as told in Zechariah Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles.


We continue our journey into the history of Religion by venturing into the lands of the Anunnaki by looking at the The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) following the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Enlil’s base station at Edin due to Enlil’s displeasure at the realisation that contrary to his intructions, his rival Brother and Chief Anunnaki Scientist ENKI, had created a species of ‘Primitive Worker’ that was both highly intelligent and could independently reproduce.

As we shall see, when the opportunity presented itself, Enlil would take full advantage of the forces of Nature in the form of  The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) to destroy the ‘pest’ or ‘abomination’ Enki had created.

Life Outside The Garden: Noah & The Nephilim

Prior to  The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) ADAPA / ADAM and TI.TI / EVE eventually mated, and EVE became pregnant, giving birth to twin boys, one son was named KA.IN, and the other named ABAEL.

Eventually more children were born and Agricultural skills were imparted to Man by the Anunnaki who continued to act as Guardians of Mankind.

From about 100,000 to 30,000 BC, due to a female shortage amongst the Anunnaki, the Anunnaki males begin to mate with female earthlings.  These events are referred to in the (Genesis: Chapter 6 Verse 4):
‘The Sons of God came in unto the daughters of Men.”

The children before The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) were born from the union of Anunnaki males and female earthlings were referred to as the ‘Nephilim’, and it was these beings from whom the idea of ’angels’ emerged.

ZIUSUDRA / NOAH was born around 49 000 BC. He was the son of EN.KI and an earthling, Batanash, and was therefore from the ranks of the Nephilim who considered themselves superior to the earthlings born from human parents…The Nephilim as ‘Demi-Gods’ therefore eventually assumed positions of authority and Kingship over  pure earthlings, and it is in this past that the roots of ‘Royal Bloodlines’ can be found.Nephilim

Pact Of The Gods: Nibiru’s Orbit & Disaster On Earth

Eventually, EN.LIL became annoyed with the increase in the numbers of human beings, whom he regarded as ‘vermin’, particularly because of their voracious appetites, and around 13 000 BC the Anunnaki became aware that the next time Nibiru passed near the Earth in the course of its Solar Orbit, an immense tidal wave would be triggered on Earth.

The Nephilim on Nibiru had correctly calculated that the passing of Nibiru close to Earth  would result in a deluge/flood on the Earth as the ice sheets which covered so much of its poles would be warmed and increase the level of the Oceans…This would be the trigger event for The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood).

EN.LIL coerced the rest of the Anunnaki to promise to keep this information of the impending natural disaster from the earthlings in order to allow them to be destroyed while the Anunnaki would observe the events from the safety of Space.

But EN.KI could not bear to see his creations destroyed, and so he conspired to save a few of them so he secretively told Ziusudra that he would find a tablet on which was drawn a plan for a boat which Ziusudra should build, into which he was to take his domesticated animals and life essences(DNA) of the worlds animals, in order to ride out the coming flood.

The life essences which Ziusudra was to take with him had been collected by EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG as part of their ongoing Genetics project so that something could be salvaged from the coming devastation of the The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood).

The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) Arrives

As Nibiru approached Earth, the Anunnaki boarded their airships and lifted off into the heavens above the Earth, from which point they could watch the Deluge.

As they watched, the ice sheets on the southern pole began to break up. Giant slabs of ice slid into the ocean, initially raising the level of the ocean slightly. Then when the great mass of the southern glacier shattered into bits and splashed into the waters, it caused an immense tidal wave.

The Anunnaki watched as everything was inundated by the raging waters. The flooding of the oceans was joined by a terrific downpour of rains from the skies. Then, after forty days, the rains and storms stopped, and the waters began to recede.

All the while that the Deluge was occurring, the boat carrying Ziusudra / Noah and his family floated safely through the waters. The vessel came to rest on the mountain known to the Sumerians and Akkadians as Arrata. The first thing that the earthlings did when they emerged from the boat was build an alter and offer a sacrifice of a ewe-lamb in thanks and gratitude to EN.KI for having spared their lives.

The hungry and exhausted Anunnaki, hovering above the earth saw the smoke rising from the alter and traveled toward it in order to determine its origin.

EN.LIL was furious at first when he realized that some of the earthlings had been spared from destruction. He raged at EN.KI for having told the earthlings about the coming flood, but EN.KI responded that he had not broken his oath to avoid speaking of the impending disaster with the earthlings; he had only told the wall of the grass hut, and Ziusudra must have overheard him.
EN.LIL continued to rage, and only then did EN.KI reveal that Ziusudra was his own son. EN.LIL finally relented and his fury subsided like the waters of the Deluge after smelling the meat cooking and being so hungry.
He saw a need for man, he even suggested that the earthlings who had survived the flood should be given seeds and the knowledge and tools to plant them so that the earth would once again become fruitful and capable of sustaining life.

A New Era

And so it was that after  The Great Sumerian Anunnaki Deluge (Noah’s Flood) mankind survived the great flood which marked the end of the period known to the Anunnaki as the ‘Olden Times’.
All knowledge of the world of the Olden Times was put into stone for the generations to come in the place as known Goebekli Tepe, a sprawling Stone City whose existence cannot be explained by Archaeologists today.
 Another unexplained Stone City, Baalbek was then used as a temporary base for the Anunnaki.​
 The earth was subsequently divided into regions:
  • The valley drained by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which is today occupied primarily by the country of Iraq will be allotted to EN.LIL and his children. Ziusudra’s sons, Shem and Japheth would dwell there.


  • The Sinai Peninsula that will be occupied millenia later primarily by the country of Saudi Arabia is given the name Tilmun (i.e. Land Of The Missiles) and is assigned to NIN.HUR.SAG.​


  • To the west, in the valley of the Nile river, and stretching southward across the continent which will later acquire the name of Africa, EN.KI and his son, MAR.DUK and their descendants take control. Ziusudra’s son, Ham, makes his residence there.

Further, during the first Shar (3, 600 years) after the Deluge, the Anunnaki create a new ’Place of the Chariots’; the original site having been destroyed by the floodwaters…This new site is today’s Giza Pyramid Complex and would later become known as Egypt. Since the structures were created during the Age of the Lion (Leo), according to the Nephilim tradition, the monument there was fashioned in a Lion’s image.

The Space Port Mission Control Center Platform was also built on Mount Moriah, which would become the future site of Jerusalem.
Following the great deluge, the life one Earth resumed and the Anunnaki carried on with their Civilization project and extracting more Gold for their Home Planet Nibiru’s atmosphere which had been further weakened by its recent Orbit close to Earth.
Stage Is Set
The stage was thus set for the next significant set of events in the Anunnaki Chronicles being the ‘Pyramid Wars’, which as we have seen led first to the ascendancy of Horus in Egypt, and in Part 2 of the ‘2nd Pyramid War’ we will look at the events leading to the rise of Marduk and establishment of Babylon.

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