Dein of Agbor Kingdom, Nigeria

Dein of Agbor Kingdom, Nigeria

For this week’s Retro dose, we revisit our ‘Young Lord’ article on the Dein Of Agbor Kingdom Nigeria, one of the World’s youngest Monarchs.



The Dein Of Agbor

One of the reasons I admire the young Michael Corleone, especially in ‘Godfather 2’, is how he successfully manages the mammoth responsibility of ensuring the Corleone Family’s survival in the treacherous Mafia underworld.

But alas, Michael is only a character in a Film, and his ‘Kingdom’ exists only on celluloid…..The Dein of Agbor’s Kingdom however is real, and exists in Nigeria today.

His decisions and mistakes affect real people and real lives.

His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi the First (Keagborekuzi I), was born in July 1977, but following the unexpected death of his father in 1979, he was crowned at the age of 2 years, the youngest anywhere in the world.

He attended School in England, and returned to his Throne in 2000. He appears to have ruled with grace and most of all with Love and Service to his People, but his overall Legacy still remains to be written.

The Dien speaks well for himself in the video interview below which you can check out together with his full Biography.

Respect to the young African King whose example can inspire us all.

Peep our African History Archive for more African Kings and Empires.

Enjoy because You ARE Royalty…One!!!

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