The Congo Origin Of AIDS

The Congo Origin Of AIDS

The Retro-Edition continues as we revisit the Congo origin of AIDS.


Despite the dominant point of view in terms of which HIV is understood as the cause of AIDS, a convincing case can also still be made against this hypothesis based on the Congo origins of AIDS.

The Congo Connection

Between 1957 and 1960 Immunologist Hilary Koprowski tested the Polio vaccine in nearly one million people in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. His Polio Vaccine concoction was cultured in tissue taken from chimpanzees infected with SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus), a virus similar to HIV.

After Injection with the Polio vaccine, SIV would be introduced into the bloodstream allowing SIV to mutate into HIV from within the Human host.

Not everyone agrees with this theory however, and it has been denied quite strongly in most Scientific circles which favour the theory that HIV crossed over from monkeys to Humans because of the monkey meat consumed by Africans in the Congo.

This however does not adequately explain how it is that SIV crossed the species barrier from monkeys to become HIV in Humans after the Humans had consumed the flesh of the SIV infected monkeys. This is complicated further by the fact that are few if any,  reported cases of HIV acquired from eating Monkey meat even though Monkey meat had been consumed for Millenia.

In my view, the Polio Vaccine theory seems more likely to be correct, as the ‘SIV monkey meat  theory’ cannot account for the discrepancy of HIV not having existed or reported for the Millenia monkey meat had been consumed.

As such, the ‘Polio Vaccine Theory” remains an alternative viewpoint worthy of consideration.

Our YouTube Channel’s ‘Health & Longevity” Playlist features the documentary ‘The Origin Of AIDS’ explores the Congo HIV connection in detail as well as some other relevant  Health care debates.



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