Holocaust Fact or Fiction?

Is The Holocaust Fact or Fiction?


We couldnt do a Retro-Edition without revisiting one of last year’s hottest topics…We ended the ‘Hitler Revisited’ series by considering the skepticism questioning if the Holocaust is fact or fiction.

Some interesting arguments have been put forward which cannot be dismissed off-hand…Check it out and draw your own conclusions!


The Holocaust consists of three basic elements:

  1. Approximately 6 million Jews were deliberately killed.
  2. These killings were part of a state-sponsored program on the part of the Third Reich whose ultimate goal was the total eradication of the Jewish people.
  3. The bulk of these murders took place in special camps where the principal mechanism of execution was the homocidal gas chamber that utilized Zyclon B, a commercial pesticide whose active ingredient was hydrogen cyanide.

Those that ask The Holocaust Fact or Fiction question argue for Holocaust Revisionism which does not treat Holocaust facts as self-evident. The objective of Holocaust Revisionism is not to deny the occurrence of the Holocaust a priori, but rather to subject the ‘Holocaust Thesis’ to the same scrutiny as any other Historical Thesis seeking answers to the Holocaust Fact or Fiction question based on actual evidence.

To them, the Holocaust Fact or Fiction question is a legitimate Historical question.

There is nothing inherently exceptional in the Holocaust Thesis that should exempt it from the same degree of critical analysis preventing people from asking The Holocaust Fact or Fiction question.

According to Revisionists, it would seem that in order for us to answer the Holocaust Fact or Fiction question bets, the three principal reasons for the widespread but erroneous belief in the legend of millions of Jews killed by the Germans during World War II: U.S. and British troops found horrible piles of corpses in the West German camps they captured in 1945 (e.g. Dachau and Belsen); there are no longer large communities of Jews in Poland; and historians generally support the legend must be questioned.

During both world wars, Germany was forced to fight typhus, carried by lice in the constant traffic with the East. That is why all accounts of entry into the German concentration camps speak of shaving of hair and showering and other delousing procedures, such as treatment of quarters with the pesticide Zyklon. That was also the main reason for a high death rate in the camps, and for the crematoria that existed in all.

When Germany collapsed in chaos, then of course all such defenses ceased, and typhus and other diseases became rampant in the camps, which quartered mainly political prisoners, ordinary criminals, homosexuals, conscientious objectors and Jews conscripted for labor. Hence the horrible scenes, which however had nothing to do with “extermination” or any deliberate policy. Moreover, the West German camps involved were not the alleged “extermination camps,” which were all in Poland (e.g. Auschwitz and Treblinka) and which were all evacuated or shut down before capture by the Soviets, who found no such scenes…This is a possible answer to the The Holocaust Fact or Fiction question supporting Holocaust Revisionism.

The “Final Solution” spoken of in the German documents was a program of evacuation, resettlement and deportation of Jews with the ultimate objective of expulsion from Europe. During the war Jews of various nationalities were being moved east, as one stage in this Final Solution. The legend claims that the motion was mainly for extermination purposes.

The great majority of the millions allegedly exterminated were East European — not German or West European — Jews. For that reason study of the problem via population statistics has been difficult to impossible, but it is a fact that there are no longer large communities of Jews in Poland.

However, the Germans were only one of several parties involved in moving Jews around. The Soviets deported virtually all of the Jews of eastern Poland to their interior in 1940. After the war, with Polish and other Jews pouring out of the East into occupied West Germany, the Zionists moved large numbers to Palestine, and the United States and other countries absorbed many Jews, in most cases under conditions making impossible a numerical accounting. Moreover, the Polish borders were changed drastically at the end of the war; the country was literally moved west.

The final solution can therefore be understood in different terms once we seek evidence based answers to the Holocaust Fact or Fiction question.

Near unanimity among the academics is especially suspect when there exists great political pressures; in some countries, Holocaust Revisionists like David Irving have been prosecuted.

It is easy to show that the extermination legend merits skepticism. Even the casual reader of the Holocaust literature knows that during the war virtually nobody acted as though it were happening. Thus it is common to berate the Vatican, the Red Cross and the Allies (especially the intelligence agencies) of their ignorance and inaction, and to explain that the Jews generally did not resist deportation because they did not know what was in store for them.

If you add all this up you have the strange claim that for almost three years German trains, operating on a continental scale in densely civilized regions of Europe, were regularly and systematically moving millions of Jews to their deaths, and nobody noticed except for a few of our Jewish leaders who were making public “extermination” claims.

What we are offered as ‘evidence’ for the Holocaust was gathered after the war, as part of the Nuremberg Trials. The evidence is almost all oral testimony and “confessions.” Without the evidence of these trials there would be no significant evidence of “extermination.”

The main claim of the Holocaust legend is made doubtful by the fact that Professional Engineers have confirmed that there were no technical means available for the NAZIs to conduct the alleged mass Chamber gassing of Jews with the pesticide Zyklon B, one of the main Holocaust Crimes.

Our documentary of the week which can be viewed off the Home Page outlines the case against the Holocaust. Another documentary by a young Jewish American who visited Auschwitz and other concentration Camps himself, and left with the conclusion that the Holocaust is a Historical construction.

The David Irving videos and Dennis Wise documentary ‘Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’ on our YouTube Channel’s ‘History & Politics’ Playlist also lend their voices of dissent to the Holocaust Thesis as it presently stands.

Ultimately, the Revisionist position is not to deny that Germans killed Jews during World War 2, but rather that the War should be acknowledged for what it really was, the slaughter of Innocents which included Jews and other Nationalities who all deserve equal recognition of their suffering during the War.

Holocaust Revisionism has frequently been described as Holocaust denial, but I do not agree with this view because ultimately it cloaks the Holocaust Thesis in a shield of invulnerability that prevents Humanity from fully re-examining and understanding the true causes and effects of World War 2.

Whether the Holocaust as it is presently understood was a reality or not also has implications of the legitimacy of the Nuremberg Trials…Was the NAZI leadership put on Trial for a Crime that didnt exist?


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