The Syrian War And Ancient Anunnaki Technology

The connection between the The Syrian War And Ancient Anunnaki Technology is not frequently acknowledged.


America, Russia and Iran are heavily embroiled in this War, and the reasons given range from the need to secure Oil supplies, and  a much less spoken about cause is related to the link between The Syrian War And Ancient Anunnaki Technology. Ancient Sumerian Anunnaki Weapons and Technology suspected to still be present in the area since the suspension of Archaeological excavations more than 10 years ago, particularly at UR where the great Ziggurat attributed to the Anunnaki God Enlil remains standing with its secrets hidden in the desert dust and possibly confirm the relationship between the Syrian War And Ancient Anunnaki Technology.



Persian Gulf Oil Rig

Despite the connection between The Syrian War And Ancient Anunnaki Technology, one of the reasons given as to why both America and Russia would find themselves so enmeshed in Syria, it is argued that they are competing to control 2 alternative Pipeline routes that will provide prime access to European Markets i.e The Qatar-Turkey Pipeline & The Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipelines provides a readily discernible explanation.

Syria’s rationale for rejecting the Qatar proposal was said to be to protect the interests of its Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas. Putin’s War in Syria is therefore motivated by a desire to protect Russian Markets and to maintain Russia’s Prestige in a Post-Cold War Era.

This has pitted Russia against the US which supports the Qatar Pipeline Proposal.

The alliances in this War have therefore broadly been formed according to which Pipeline Proposal each respective Party supports…Outside the connection between The Syrian War And Ancient Anunnaki Technology, the Big Oil dimension also appears to be a factor.


Ancient Anunnaki Weapons & Stargates

Its now common knowledge that the Iraq War led to the massive plunder of Saddam Hussein’s Babylonian Museum Treasures….Mesopotamia, the Birthplace of Civilization and the place where Ancient Aliens are thought to have descended was located in modern day Iraq as we have already shown.

It was thought that Saddam Hussein had acquired these Ancient ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ such as the one which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, viewing himself as the new King Nebeuchadnezzer…Hence Iraq was attacked, and the Technology removed from Iraq into the hands of the Global Shadow Government with the Museum raid of Sumerian Antiquities.

The same goes for Cities such as Abraham’s ‘Ur of The Chaldeans’ all of which are in close proximity to Syria and are thought to house Ancient technologies…There is even a photograph of the US Army climbing up the Ziggurat which we’ve published below:



The Region’s Ancient History and links to the Anunnaki in the past is therefore a possible motive for the War as a means of acquiring lost technologies in order to further enhance the Military dominance of each competing State.

For more on the Ancient Technology and Stargate ‘Arms Race’ Theory, peep the short 15 minute video below.

The Iraqi Stargate Conspiracy


Meanwhile, Syria itself is suspected to harbour its own Trove of Ancient Alien Treasures. In this case an Ancient Stargate to another dimension and/or Galaxy.


The region between the Tigris and the Euphrates is the cradle of Civilization…This Civilization was more advanced than we have been led to think, and those in the ‘know’ are possibly engaged in Military campaigns in order to recover the lost technology of this Civilization for their own use i.e. World dominance.

This is another possible aspect of this War that is not receiving mainstream attention, and we will leave you to ponder on it with the links below providing more info on the Syrian War from the perspective of both Big Oil and the Covert Arms Race for Ancient Technologies.

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