Nibiru: Anunnaki Home Planet & The Solar System


According to the Sumerian Record, the Anunnaki came from the Planet Nibiru.

Their Home Planet was the centre of the Anunnaki World even during the time they were building the Earth Civilization.

As we have discussed earlier, the Anunnaki Calendar which we still use today denoted Time according to Celestial Observations that helped them record the position of Nibiru’s orbit even when they were on Earth…One of the consequences was that they were able to predict the Great Deluge (i.e. Noah’s Flood) based on the arrival of Nibiru with a certain distance from Earth which would lead to gravitational effects such as Tidal Waves on Earth.

However, despite being mentioned in the Ancient Sumerian Record, Nibiru does not form part of our contemporary understanding of the Solar system…But is there any evidence for its existence?

The ‘Enuma Elish’, the Babylonian Creation Epic records how the Solar system was formed and Nibiru’s role in it.

Enuma Elish: Formation Of The Solar System

In the beginning there existed the Sun (Apsu), encircled by the planet Tiamat, and the planet Mercury (Mummu). Then, between Tiamat and Mercury, came into being the planets, Mars (Lahmu) and Venus (Lahamu). Then there came into being, beyond the planet Tiamat, the planets, Jupiter (Kishar) and Saturn (Anshar) along with their ’emissary’ Pluto (Gaga). Last to come into being were the planets, Uranus (Anu) and Neptune (Ea). These nine planets, or ’gods,’ moved in a counterclockwise direction around Apsu, the sun.

From outer space a new planet, Marduk (Nibiru), almost the size of Jupiter  approached, going past Neptune and Uranus, and eventually colliding with Tiamat.



The encounter between Marduk and Tiamat caused his orbit to be bent, even more, resulting in his becoming a planet or ‘god’ which was destined to encircle the Sun forever, and because he now was trapped in an orbit, Marduk’s destiny was to return to the scene of the collision. He was, therefore to cross over the site of the collision.

And for that reason, Marduk became known as Nibiru, the planet of crossing.

​Nibiru then passed Tiamat for a second time rips her into two halves with debris forming what we term the asteroid belt, and which is called the ‘Hammered Bracelet’ in the Enuma Elish.

Tiamat Nibiru Collision


Solar System: Sumerian Model & Current Research

From the above, its clear that the creation epic proceeding from the point of the collision of Marduk / Nibiru with Tiamat, as told by the ancient Sumerians thus depicted a 10th Planet as shown in the number of Planets in Sumerian Cylinder Seal VA/243 below estimated to be between 5000-6000 years old.

 Cylinder VA/243: Sumerian Solar ModelNibiru7






The presence of an additional Planetary body in our solar system is therefore not a mythological question. It relates to actual events, and to date, the existence of Nibiru has been confirmed mainly through observing its effects on certain parts of the Solar system.

Evidence for Nibiru has been confirmed by leading Astronomers such as Doctor Harrington of the US Naval Observatory who argued that he had discovered Planet X in the early 1990s.

Dr. Harrington postulated a Planet with a very elliptical orbit coming out of the southern hemisphere towards the inner part of the solar system. His model very closely matched the description by the Sumerians of Nibiru being 4-8 times the size of Earth and depicted as having a very elongated orbit. Dr. Harrington also noted that based upon orbital perturbations in the outer planets, there should be another large planet out there. This simply means that all the planets are being pulled in one direction by some force that would suggest there should be some large body as the cause.


The mystery of Planet X has according to some Astronomers already been solved, and it may be a matter of time before it is eventually integrated into our current Cosmic model in the same way it formed part of the standard Sumerian model 6000 years ago.

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As always, when it comes to Ancient Astronauts and the Anunnaki Alien Civilization, we always recommend that you familiarise yourself with Zechariah Sitchin’s books and research which believe to be correct if you have not done so already.




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