Alex Jones Ban, Censorship And The New Social Parliament

Alex Jones Ban And The New Social Parliament

Online Media is abuzz with the recent banning of infamous Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones and his Info Wars Channel by four major internet platforms — Apple Podcasts, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube who all simultaneously removed Alex Jones and Info Wars from their respective websites.

Social Parliament

It seems that the Alex Jones Ban was a co-ordinated move based allegedly on Jones’ repeated violations of their terms of use…Twitter has stood its ground and only effected a temporary 7 day ban after initially refusing to bow down to pressure to also bring about an Alex Jones Ban on their Platform.

Even though a considerable number of people and Media Organisations (Myself included), did not necessarily agree with the sensationalized Conspiracy Theories peddled by Jones, one can still respect his right to express his opinion.

Free Speech Questions

Its not clear where the line between ‘legitimate’ and illegitimate’ speech can be drawn, and in such circumstances its more prudent to favour free speech than to adopt Censorship.

The real conundrum however arises out of the fact that Social Media giants are in essence Private Companies, but their size and popularity have effectively transformed them into  quasi-public entities because of their extraordinary reach.

Their algorithms can effectively affect the information distributed within the public sphere, inevitably affecting commerce and political competition in circumstances where the rules that the Social Media Platforms use to determine what is served to the Public aren’t  a matter of Public debate, knowledge or control.

Alex Jones

The Social Parliament

Since Social Media Platform Rules have an impact on the distribution of information, views and opinions within the broader Public Sphere, what are meant to be Private Platform Rules now have the same effect as Public Rules in the form of Legislation that have hitherto been the preserve of Parliaments.

Social Media Platforms now have the same if not more power than the State to control access to information within the Public domain…It is this concentration of such massive global power in the hands of a few Private Silicon Valley Companies and their Owners that is a cause for concern…Will this power be exercised responsibly…Can it ever be ‘responsibly’ exercised?

We are therefore witnessing the birth of a new era as Social Media impacts Society in a manner that had not been anticipated…The solutions proposed range from the development of a universal Digital Bill Of Rights or the shift to alternative platforms.

As the Alex Jones controversy plays itself out, we may be witnessing the redefinition of the concept of Free Speech for the Digital Age…The outcome will determine whether the Internet will continue to accommodate and promote diversity.

Peep the Home Page Video of the week which is a Podcast by Vlogger Sargon Of Akkad on the evolution of the Social Parliament and its consequences for Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age.

Stay woke fellow Africans and brethren.


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