Bible Unearthed: Israel & The Elohim

Bible Unearthed: Israel & The Elohim


Despite valid scholarly criticism as to its Historical accuracy, the Bible and the 3 main Monotheistic Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam it inspired continue to endure. The question therefore remains as to exactly why the Bible continues to resonate despite its Historical inaccuracy? In exploring the Historical foundations of Ancient Israel, Dr Finkilstein’s Book ‘Bible Unearthed’ provides some useful insights if its findings are considered in light of what has emerged from the Anunnaki Hypothesis.

Utilising the Scholarly findings from the latest Biblical Archaeological research as published in Dr Israel Finkelstein’s ‘Bible Unearthed’, we attempt to explain the Bible’s lasting significance by considering the Bible as the symbol of a Paradigm shift which transformed the Ancient Master-Slave relationship between Mankind and the olden Gods, replacing the agenda of the Gods with the agenda of Man as the focus and purpose of Earthly life.

The Affairs Of The Gods

We’ve already put forward Sitchin’s Theory in previous articles such as the Anunnaki Gods of Eden, that Mankind was genetically engineered by Ancient Astronauts i.e. The Anunnaki who established the first Civilization in Ancient Sumer and portrayed themselves as Gods to their Slaves in order to effectively govern and control them in directing their labour towards the success of the Anunnaki Earth Civilization project.

This was achieved by establishing the institution of Divine Kingship in which the Anunnaki were represented by an Earthly King usually a Demi-God like Gilgamesh of Uruk and Sargon of Akkad.

The establishment of an Earthly Kingship resulted in bitter feuds and competition amongst the Anunnaki Princes/Gods on Earth for control of the Divine Kingship of Anu on Earth, the most famous of which is the Pyramid Wars between ENKI and ENLIL.

Until the 2nd Pyramid War, Humans were not recruited in these Wars and simply worshipped whichever Anunnaki faction emerged victorious following a particular factional War…Usually this was accompanied by a set of new Religious Rites praising the victorious Anunnaki God.


A classic example is Babylon’s Euma Elish under Marduk following his victory in the 2nd Pyramid War.

The Affairs Of Men

It was in the context of the affairs of the Gods than Mankind’s role was defined.

However, as the intensity of the Anunnaki Wars escalated, Mankind began to play a more prominent role eg people were first used as soldiers in the 2nd Pyramid War, leading to an increased competition for Mankind’s loyalty amongst the Anunnaki Gods because their support could now determine the outcome of an Anunnaki War.

The interactions of The Gods and Mankind depicted in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament can be understood from this point of view…The story of Abraham for example is against the backdrop of the 2nd Pyramid War, and Sitchin contends that it reveals Anunnaki faction leader Enlil’s recruitment of Abraham to join his forces in the ongoing Pyramid War against Marduk and the clan of ENKI.

In return for helping Enlil defend the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport facility as recorded in Abraham’s battle in the Negev Desert with the Elamites in Genesis, Abraham enters into an agreement or ‘Covenant’ in which he will be rewarded with a great Nation by Enlil…This is the foundational myth of Israel.

Similarly, the stories of the Exodus all the way to the conquest and settlement of the Israelites in Canaan can be seen as a fullfillment of this Covenant in service of Enlil’s agenda.

The agenda was therefore set by ENLIL, and in the original Sumerian narrative, Abraham’s role as well as his reward are determined by the objectives of the Anunnaki God Enlil in the pursuit of victory in his war with rival Enki.

Paradigm Shift

Israel & Judah: A Divided Kingdom

In Bible Unearthed, Dr Finkelstein and other Biblical Scholars from the Copanehagen School, suggest that following the Exodus, the establishment of the State of Israel presented its own unique set of challenges.

The split of Israel into two the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, following the death of King Solomon illustrates these issues quite clearly. Bible Unearthed thus presents the compilation of the Torah as a means of unifying the State of Israel under Judah after the collapse of the Northern Kingdom and the return of the exiles from the Babylonian captivity.


After the collapse of the Northern Kingdom, a diminished Southern Judah served as the only reminder of the golden age of a unified Israel under Solomon. It is within the period following the exile that the Torah is first compiled reportedly by the Priest Ezra as a chronicle of the history of the Nation of Israel which needed a common unifying identity after the exile.

The objective of the Torah according to Finkelstein’s Bible Unearthed was therefore to create a unifying narrative that brought together all the separate Tribal Traditions and Heroes from the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Ancient Israel represented by Abraham, Moses, and Jacob etc into a single narrative for the new nation of Israel under Judah following the Babylonian exile.

The separate Regional Tribal traditions of Northern and Southern Israel were themselves as we have suggested separate accounts of encounters between particular Anunnaki Gods interacting with Tribal Leaders eg Abraham in order to recruit them to play a particular role to suit the agenda of various Anunnaki Gods in their own individual Wars for control of the Divine Kingship on Earth.

In weaving these separate stories about the agenda of the Gods into a single text which once combined, emphasised the importance of the nation of Israel as a Political entity, the Ancient Hebrews placed Mankind at the centre of a Tradition that had initially been focused purely on the agenda of the Gods and Mankind’s minimal role within it.

The various Tribal Traditions and accounts discussing the agendas of the Gods during episodes like the Pyramid Wars now served the Political agenda of Men in that they were made to serve the goal of unifying the State of Israel…A State imagined and desired by Men at the end of the Babylonian captivity.

In this way, the meaning of the past encounters with the Gods was changed as Mankind (The Slave) now took Centre stage, downplaying the agenda of the Anunnaki God who had initiated the initial interaction with Men for his/her own ends in pursuit of the Divine Kingship on Earth.


The Torah is in essence a ‘renegotiation’ or re-assessment of the relationship between Mankind and the Olden Gods who now exist not only to exert their will on their creation, but also to serve Mankind according to his own demands and agenda for a secure Homeland.

Since the establishment of the first Civilization in Ancient Sumer, Ancient Man had not dared to place himself at the centre of the Universe by casting the Gods in his own image.

From this point of view, we can perhaps appreciate how the Torah/Bible ignited a revolution in the mind of Ancient Man that remains with us today, explaining why despite valid academic criticism, the Bible and the Religions it inspired continue to resonate…Its underlying message resonates at the subconscious level, and since then we have continued to secure more bargains with the Gods.


Bible Unearthed explores Israel’s Historical and Political context well and in my view, its main drawback is that it does not make proper reference to the Sumerian records that could enhance our understanding of the encounters between Men like Abraham and the Olden Gods which were subsequently included in the Torah…This would actually portray the Torah as an even bigger accomplishment than it is presently presented.

Perhaps with more research the gap between current Academic opinion and the Anunnaki Hypothesis can be bridged…The Anunnaki Hypothesis can contribute in enhancing our understanding of some the most significant events in the Bible, and if Historians consider the Sumerian records more seriously, we may emerge with a more complete understanding of Biblical History.

The History Channel documentary ‘Bible Unearthed‘ based on Dr Finkelstein’s Book is our featured Homepage documentary…You can purchase his Book on Amazon as well as read our previous entries on the affairs of the Anunnaki Gods and their relationship with Mankind in our Anunnaki Archive on the link below.


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