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The Mossad: Effective Intelligence

The Jamal Khasshogi kidnapping turned Murder has dominated world headlines these past few weeks. In just 3 weeks, the Turkish Government has managed to point the finger convincingly at a Saudi Arabian ‘Hit Squad’. Jamal’s brutal death is obviously disconcerting, but one cant help notice how Saudi Intelligence botched this operation…So in a somewhat cruel twist, our latest ‘Underworld‘ entry takes us into the world of Intelligence as we profile Israel’s The Mossad, probably the world’s most respected and feared Intelligence Agency.

History Of The Mossad

The Mossad’s history starts almost immediately after the inception of the State of Israel.

In 1949 ‘Central Institute for Coordination’ was set up to improve coordination between the Shabak, AMAN and political department of the Foreign Office. It was under the control of Foreign Ministry.


In 1951, CIC was replaced by Mossad under direct supervision of the Prime Minister.

In June 1951, Mossad signed a clandestine agreement with the American CIA.

The first high profile operation of Mossad came in 1960 when it managed to kidnap Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi war criminal, from Argentina. Eichmann was sentenced to death for his role in killing Jews in Europe.

Mossad maintains numerous Israeli secret agents in Arab and other nations.

The most famous of these was Eli Cohen, an Egyptian-born Jew who infiltrated the highest ranks of the Syrian government by posing as a Syrian businessman before being discovered and executed in 1965.

Mossad and its operatives have carried out undercover operations against enemies of Israel and former Nazi war criminals living abroad.

In 2001, the agency warned CIA of Al-Qaeda’s plans but they were not taken seriously.

Mossad Legacy: Conclusion

Mossad has clearly served its purpose well as a State Intelligence Agency.

Its unlikely that the Khashoggi affair would have been so embarrassingly amateurish if it had been a Mossad Operation.

For more info you can peep the Mossad Documentary below on its operation to address the attack of Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

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