Black Holes

Black Holes: What Is A Black Hole?

Our last visit to outer Space was to Mars and this time we take a look at Black Holes.

A Black Hole is region of space within which the force of gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.

Black Hole1

The basic structure of a Black Hole consists of a Singularity hidden by an Event Horizon. Within the event horizon, the escape speed exceeds the speed of light and an object is trapped forever.

The existence of Black Holes was first suggested as far back as the late 1700s, and it was Karl Schwarzschild, a German astronomer, who developed the modern idea for a Black Hole.

Using Einstein’s theory of general relativity, Schwarzschild discovered that matter compressed to a point (now known as a Singularity) would be enclosed by a spherical region of space from which nothing could escape.

The limit of this region is called the event horizon, a name which signifies that it is impossible to observe any event taking place inside it (since information including light is unable to get out).

Inside the event horizon lies the heart of the Black Hole – the Singularity.

An interesting dilemma for astrophysicists is that the physical conditions near a singularity result in the complete breakdown of the Laws of Physics.

Black Hole3

Black Holes As Wormholes?

Its been suggested that due to the breakdown in the Laws of Physics within the Black hole’s infinitely dense Singularity, they may serve as gateways to alternate Universes and also as a means of Time Travel based on the principle relativity.

Apparently UFOs may be able to traverse the vast Universe by utilising Black holes for inter-dimensional travel.

Due to their perplexing nature, Black holes have long formed part of Science Fiction, and with their mysteries not yet fully understood, the creative speculation is set to continue.

Hope you enjoyed the overdue return to Outer Space…peep the Black hole documentary below for more info.

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