A Brief History Of Comics

The History Of Comics

Stan Lee, Publisher of Marvel Comics and the Creator of Black Panther has received lots of well deserved tributes following his recent death. Stan’s journey symbolises the birth of what is perhaps now recognised as a new Literary Genre.

Our History Of Comics tribute will be on the entire genre Stan helped create, and the generations his characters have inspired around the world.


Origins Of Comics

The origins of Comics lie in the 1920s with the Publication of The Funnies #1 in 1929. These first comics were not sold separately, forming part of Magazine supplements.

Superman emerged in the 1930s, widely regarded as the Golden Age of Comics. His appeal extended to entire families reading his adventures in the daily newspaper. Radio made the legend even bigger.

Batman is also the other legendary character that was born in this era and he was just as popular as Superman.

The Superman/Batman phenomenon redefined Pop Culture.

World War II

The outbreak of World War II negatively affected the Comic Book industry as story lines became simplistic and Propagandised in support of the Allied War effort…The most enduring symbol of this era is Captain America.


After the War, Comic Books declined further in popularity coupled with massive Social Backlash as Psychiatrists like Dr Wertham perceived a link between them and juvenile delinquency.

The Silver Age & Beyond

The rise of the 1960s Counterculture movement forced the Comic Book industry to reinvent itself in order to reflect a more dynamic world.

A slew of new characters like Black Panther and X-Men were created with much success, christening a new era dubbed the Silver Age of Comics.

Since then, Comics have become Big Business and in modern times, Films appear to be the medium in which the legacy of Comics will be preserved and passed onto the next generation.

Graphic Novels such as Ghost In The Shell also mark an evolution of the genre as it dealt more seriously with ultimate questions.


While I’m a fan of Black Panther, my favourite Marvel Movie scene remains ‘The Duel of Johannesburg’ from Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Not only is Age Of Ultron an action-fest, but by also discussing questions related to Artificial Intelligence, its an excellent demonstration of the formula that has made them successful.

Peep the clip of the ‘Duel Of Johannesburg’ between Iron Man and The Hulk from Age Of Ultron, as well as the Documentary ‘Superheroes Unmasked’ on the History of Comics below.

R.I.P. Stan Lee.

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Duel Of Johannesburg

Documentary: Superheores Unmasked


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