Christianity & The Alien Agenda

Christianity, Gnosticism & The Alien Agenda

Its not often that one comes across a well thought out and openly Religious, in this case Christian view on the Alien Agenda. It seems as if an artificial wall separating Secular Alien Speculations from Religion has been erected.


However, in ‘Harvesting The Disconnected’, Andrew Hennesey adopts a Secular framework for understanding Extraterrestrial activities and integrates it logically with his own unique Christian understanding of the issue, which in my view is quite insightful…He begins by pointing out the various signs of dysfunction in Society usually ascribed to ‘The Devil’ or ‘Satan’.

Dehumanization Of The Human Soul

The following ills amongst many others are prevalent in Society today:

1. Loss of human social and nuclear family values;

2. The encouragement of indiscriminate sexual license and impersonal self-serving paradigms;

3. Corruption of Spirituality through institutionalized Human Controlled religion.

These negative scenarios produce disconnection of the human soul by presenting and driving into human beings, fear and and negative circumstances.  Through fear, we are reduced to the fight or flight animalistic response.

Furthermore, by being bombarded constantly with sexual or territorial imperatives disguised as culture, we become chained to the adrenal cortex, and our most animalistic hormones, reducing us to nothing more than what can best be understood as a predictable Ape colony.

The Demons In Silver Suits

The Controllers of this system have been with us for a long time, and have been given various names from Fairies, Elohim to Demons throughout History.

These Entities are addicted to visiting mankind to take away the benefit of their goods and labours, and sometimes even their persons. They may be present in an adjacent dimension to human gatherings, though unseen.

Their interference ultimately does no good, and is often destructive. Their goals appear to have an unworldly motive beyond the physics of mankind.

They pose as bringers of gifts of skills or enlightenment but generally take from the person what was already naturally theirs but had not recognized, and then present their own stolen ability back to them as though they could never have possessed it.

Their main purpose is to steal the Soul Life Force that Human beings possess for their own survival.


Ultimately, with the Alien Agenda, we must realize that the Human Soul itself is at stake, and we should be careful to avoid falling into what Andrew describes as a constant pre-occupation with fear-filled scenarios which produce the Bio-Electric currents in Humans that these Alien entities feed upon.

By combining his own unique Christian beliefs with Exopolitics and our understanding of the Archon Matrix in Gnosticism Andrew offers unique insight into the Alien Agenda that is worthy of consideration regardless of our own personal Religious beliefs.

Ultimately, he provides a modern rendition of the Human condition and in my view, offers Christians and others from more Orthodox Religious persuasions a means to understand the Extraterrestrial question in a manner that is both accurate to Secular Thinkers, but is also accessible and non-threatening to the Religious.

Since this entry’s Alien Agenda discussion is courtesy of a Christian man, its only right we end it with one of his chosen Biblical quotes on the nature of the struggle mankind faces:

Colossians 1:12

‘Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us

meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath

translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son’

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Our featured video ‘The Lacerta Files’ is courtesy of yet another discussion on the Whatsapp Board…The video features an audio recording and transcript allegedly conducted with an Alien Female Reptilian Entity and confirms much of what is said in Harvesting The Disconnected…Peep it and decide for yourself.


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