Shadow World Arms Trade Documentary

Shadow World Documentary Review

Based on Andrew Feinstein’s book, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, is a documentary that puts the spotlight on the arms trade, tracing its origins to the warfare introduced in World War 1. The Shadow World Documentary certainly reveals an ugly problem of Global proportions.

Starting with the partnerships between Arms Manufacturers, Middlemen and government representatives in the West and Middle East, it reveals an institutionalised system of organised offshore Bribery and money-laundering that sustains itself through perpetual Warfare in various Theatres across the globe organised by a network of official Government representatives working in concert with Arms Company CEOs and lobbyists.

Its not a pretty picture as ongoing Global conflicts in recent years emerge as part of a plan to ensure ongoing Arms sales for the benefit of Arms manufacturers and their agents.

The Africa Connection

When the story moves to Africa, there is particular focus on the South African Arms deal between the South African Government and British Arms Manufacturer BAE. Its suggested that the South African Government opted to purchase weapons rather than make life-saving HIV Treatment publicly available because the Arms deal better served the financial andĀ  Political interests of BAE and Ruling Party Politicians.

These stunning revelations are spelt out in great detail, and the controversy around the South African Arms deal remains unresolved.


All in all the Shadow World documentary provides a window into a World we would otherwise not access…Most impressive are the interviews with middlemen Arms dealers and News video clips which help put into context important Global incidents and Policy announcements by both Western Governments and African Countries.

I was lucky enough to find the documentary on YouTube after watching it on Al Jazeera recently…Highly recommended.

The newly formed Pan-African Facebook GroupĀ  focusing on African issues is also now here…See you there.




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