To be ‘Woke’ is to be Conscious and aware of the World around us through the Lens of uncompromising curiosity.

In search of reality and the meaning of existence, Afrika Is Woke is a progressive Pan-African Online Magazine & Content Publisher with a growing Global audience that aspires to be a source and voice of the latest global ideas, knowledge and culture interpreted from a contemporary African perspective.

We cover emergent and established topics such as Afrofuturism culture, the Ancient Astronaut Theory and Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on bringing refreshing insights to World History, Politics & Pop Culture.

We’ve been publishing online since 2016 initially on Facebook as Vhedzas Culture Lounge and our Facebook Page still serves as Headquarters.

From Facebook we’ve since progressed to a Website, while we steadily increase our footprint across other Media Platforms most suited to our message.

If you would be interested in becoming a Content Partner, we would like to hear from you so we can Co-create and share Content that will inform, entertain, and inspire.

Our Media Kit and Rate Card are available on request.

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