Anunnaki Africa: The Olmec Enigma


Unexplained: Stone Carved Olmec Head In Mexico

‘Of all the lost civilizations of Mesoamerica, that of the Olmec is the oldest and the most mystifying. We know very little about the Olmec – a mysterious culture considered by many as the Mother Civilization of Mesoamerica, that laid the foundation for the Mesoamerican cultural traditions.’ (Zechariah Sitchin)

The Olmec Civilization arose suddenly and with no apparent prior gradual development.

However, who the Olmec were, and where they came from continues to generate vigorous debate.


The Olmec civilization was a pre-Columbian society within the heartland of the Americas, operating as a kingdom c. 1200 BC to 400 BC. The Olmec society included the current geographic regions of Mexico, parts of what is now the United States’ Colorado, Texas, California, and into Canada. The Olmec existed before the Maya, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations.

But who were these unknown Africans? Did they arrive from the lands of North Africa?

The early research of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, as set out in his book They Came Before Columbus, confirmed the Kmt-Nubian (Nilotic African) presence among the Olmec through reports of carbon dating skeletal bones and iconographic stones to 948-680 BCE.

The stone heads that remain provide snap shots of the Kemet-Nubians that sailed from the Nile valley region from the horn of Africa to not only Europe and Asia, but to the Americas before the Christian-era.

Furthermore, according to studies and research conducted by Clyde Winters, the Olmecs were Africans from the Mandinka region of West Africa. They used the Mende script to write and they spoke the Mende language, the same language spoken by Cinque in the movie ‘Amistad’.

The Mende script found on monuments at Monte Alban in Mexico, has been deciphered and it was found to be identical to the Mende script used in West Africa. Afterwards, the language was found to be the very same language spoken by the Mende of West Africa.


One of the most important connections made to show that the Olmecs were West Africans is the very strong similarities in race between the Olmecs and West Africans and the ancient Nubians. In fact, during a scientific conference held years ago, West African scientists identified Olmec artwork and representations as West African.

Artist Impression Of Olmec Pyramid Mound at La Venta

The 22 or more colossal stone heads carved out of solid basalt rock has identifiable Black African in racial features as well as cultural traits like cornrow hairstyle, braids with beads and kinky hair as well as a type of war helmet identified as Nubian have been found carved in Colossal Olmec sculpture connecting them to West Africa and the Egypt/Sudan region.

In the end, the Olmecs laid the foundation for the later Civilizations of Meso-America such as the Aztec, Inca and Maya.


Olmec Legacy: Aztec Civilization


In the words of Graham Hancock in ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’

My own view is that the Olmec heads present us with physiologically accurate images of real individuals of negroid stock – charismatic and powerful African men whose presence in Central America 3000 years ago has not yet been explained by scholars.’

According to Hancock, evidence suggests that the Olmecs were in South America primarily to mine for gold. Taken in conjunction with the link to Egypt (A known Anunnaki Realm), and their advanced Technology as shown by the Colossal Stone Carvings which could not be produced with Primitive Tools, it is quite possible that the Olmecs were linked to the Anunnaki.

Indeed South America was later to become the realm of the Anunnaki God Thoth who left Egypt to reign in South America as Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, who is the recognised Founder and Deity of the later Meso-American Civilizations.

For more information, check out the video of Dr Ivan Van Sertima, author of ‘They Came Before Columbus’ making out the case for the African origins of the Olmec Civilization.

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Ivan Van Sertima: Afrikan Presence In Early America



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