Hip hop Faculty

One of the Hip hop faculty is the unanswered questions in the Biggie and Tupac murders present a laybrinth of drama, tragedy and intrigue. As a result, many theories have been proposed in order to explain and understand their untimely demise.

As Fans we’re constantly looking for the latest bit of information that will shed light on what really happened…We attempt to unravel the Web with the most recent information gathered as part of the official Police Homicide Investigation into the murders.

Backdrop: Politics As Usual

The Police Force as an arm of the government can be seen and understood as a bureaucracy influenced by the Political concerns of the day.

It is in this light that the motives of the official Investigations can be understood, with the latest revelations coming out of a Special Police Task Force dubbed ‘Murder Rap’ put together in order to solve the murders in a bid to show that corrupt Los Angeles Police Officers were not involved in Biggie’s murder in the face of a $400 million wrongful death Lawsuit filed by Biggie’s Estate.

Faced with such a massive potential liability, the Murder Rap Taskforce was set up to establish the identity of Biggie and Tupac’s killers….The following is the result of the ‘Murder Rap’ Investigation.

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