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The books and videos are reflections on the Historical African and Black experience, Afrofuturism, as well as the unresolved enigmas of Ancient History.

I trust they will provide useful information to help you formulate your own views on these issues. I have read and watched most of them myself, and hopefully, they’ll enhance your understanding in the way they continue to enhance mine.

Online shopping is a mission in Africa, so I had to dig around, and came across the Mall For Africa Website which accepts payment in African currencies including Mobile Payments like M-Pesa. In addition, it caters specifically for delivery of Online Orders from Online Stores like Amazon to your specified African destination at a discount when you place your Order through the Mall For Africa Website.

Once you register on the Website via the link below, you can place your Order for any of the Books and videos for collection at to your chosen destination in Africa.

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Black & African History

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa


Black Skin White Masks


I Write What I Like

The Destruction Of Black Civilization


Black Genesis


Imhotep: Architect Of The Cosmos


They Came Before Columbus



Rise of Astro-Blackness

The World Of Black Sci-Fi


Anunnaki & Lost Civilization

Earth Chronicles

The 12th Planet


Wars Of Gods & Men


Lost Book Of Enki


Lost Realms


Genesis Revisited


Fingerprints Of The Gods


The Orion Mystery


The Mayan Prophecies



The Mysterious Origins Of Man

The Mystery Of The Carpathian Sphinx

Forbidden Archaeology

Please dont hesitate to drop us a line if you would like something not listed here and we’ll make a plan.

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