Welcome to the Passion Academy Portal where we aim to inspire and provide actionable tips to help you turn your Passion or Hobby into a business.

We live in a dynamic era where technology now makes it possible for us to create niche businesses built on our individual Passions.


This has also become a matter of survival since the 2008 Economic Crisis when the Global Economy shifted dramatically making job security a thing of the past.

So whether your goal is to simply express yourself or a Start Up from which you can earn a living doing work you enjoy, then this Page will be your companion on what is a challenging but most certainly fulfilling journey.

In order to give you the right tools and advice, we’ve teamed up with Executive Coach ElMarie Porthouse, who has more than 10 years’ experience in Teaching, Content Creation, Promotion and Strategy with International Brands.

ElMarie provides actionable tips that will set you along the journey to realise your destiny and guide you along the rocky path.

We’ll be your trusted companion on this thrilling quest.

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