History Of The Sumerian Anunnaki Gods

The Sumerian Anunnaki Gods have played an unacknowledged role in the origins of Civilization in Ancient Sumer as well as being responsible for the creation of modern Homo Sapien Man.

Ancient Sumerian Texts such as the Lost Book Of Enki: Memoirs Of An Extraterresial God which were excavated in Iraq provide us with immeasurable insight and understanding of the saga of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods on Earth.

From their first Base Station at EDIN (Garden Of Eden), their Gold Mining activities extended from the Sinai Peninsula, South America, Indus Valley to  Southern Africa giving rise to the Ancient Astronaut Theory as put forward in Zechariah Sitchin’s ‘Earth Chronicles’.

The Sumerian Anunnaki Gods are the ‘Elohim’ and ‘Nephilim’ of the Hebrew Bible, and were not actually Gods but rather a more advanced Alien Race whose superior technology and intelligence made Ancient Man believe the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods were actually Divine Supernatural beings when they were not…This was their plan all along effected through a sophisticated system of Propaganda we now recognise as Religion based on Psychological and Technical Models/Programs generated by Devices the Anunnaki called ‘MEs’‘.

The origins of Civilization and Religion can thus be traced to the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods establishment of Civilization on Earth and the need to create a Control System to administer the entire Project.

ur of the chaldees ur ziggurat

Civilization As Social Engineering By The Sumerian Anunnaki Gods

The institution of Divine Kingship  and Priesthood in Sumer and Akkad followed by a Law Code such as the Code Of Hammurabi were all systems of Social Engineering designed to create a Matrix of Control based fundamentally on invented Rituals and an Astronomically defined concept of Time.

From the time the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods first arrived from their Home Planet of Nibiru, their goal was to Mine Gold in order to use it to repair their Planet’s deteriorating Atmosphere.

Along the way, they encountered many unexpected problems including Labour issues as the Igigi Helpers they had brought with them rebelled because they found the work too difficult. The solution was to fashion a new being in their own Image by marking it with their own essence or DNA.

The result was a Biological experiment in which Homo Erectus DNA was merged with the DNA of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods to create the Adamu (Modern Man) according to Sumerian Texts.

Still more problems were encountered as the Adamu reproduced and grew beyond the numbers initially intended by the Anunnaki.

When the opportunity to ‘cull’ the Adamu was presented by a Natural Disaster in the form of a Great Flood or Deluge caused by Planetary motions, the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods decided to take advantage and allow nature to exterminate their creation which had now become a Pest.

It was not to be however, as the Chief Scientist of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods, ENKI who had created the Adamu warned his creation of the coming disaster instructing that an Ark be built against the agreement of the Council of the Anunnaki Gods.

Mankind was thus saved but this caused a further rift between the two Anunnaki factions led by the Chief Anunnaki Princes Enki and Enlil .

The Anunnaki Wars

The rift had begun in the Garden of Eden (EDIN Base Station) when ENKI secretly genetically engineered the Adamu to reproduce against the wishes of Enlil and the rest of the Anunnaki Council.

It would play itself out in numerous factional Anunnaki ‘Pyramid Wars’ in Egypt, the Indus Valley and the Sinai Peninsula  as each faction sought to gain supremacy.

These Wars eventually led to the culture of War being introduced to Man, the rise of Abraham paving the way for the world’s Monotheistic Religions and Nuclear Holocaust as recorded in the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah resulting in the final destruction of the Sumerian Civilization.

Once the Sumerian Civilization was devastated by Nuclear War, it cleared the way for the rise of Babylon under Marduk, and from which Ancient History gave birth to subsequent Civilizations in Persia, South America, Greece, Rome and Africa which then evolved into the World as we know it today.

Legacy Of The Anunnaki Gods

The legacy of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods has found its way into modern Religion, particularly through shortened versions of the Sumerian and later Babylonian Texts  such as the Enuma Elish Creation Epic in the Hebrew Bible.

This in turn has formed the bedrock of the world’s leading Monotheistic Religions, starting with Judaism, followed by Christianity and lastly Islam.

Along the way, the memory of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and their Saga on Earth has been forgotten, and here you can dive in and research the subject for yourself using some of our most popular entries…I have no doubt that History will be re-written in some way in order to account for this forgotten chapter in Earth’s History.

Whilst Researchers and Academics like Graham Hancock and Dr Heiser dispute the validity of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, attributing its apparent evidence to a Lost Human Civilization, the Ancient Astronaut Theory nevertheless raises important unanswered questions, explaining Human Origins and how Civilization was Socially and Technologically Engineered in Ancient Times in a manner worthy of consideration.

For Further Reference we recommend the Ancient Astonaut Archive and Enki Speaks.


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